Today I decided I wanted to be a botany major (not really), but I do have a floral design class I am taking where all I have learned is how much I absolutely despise bright colors, especially bright gerber daisies (not shown below in concern for annoying fellow blog-viewers), might as well throw a new vw bug in the mix and call it a bad day. Why do I hate these flowers so much? I am not really sure, but Julie- Leslie tells me you can relate, she also told me not to tell you she snuck some into your wedding flowers hahaha. This is what I made for my first floral design lab...

Stenna reunited. Those who aren't Wyatt Grow or familiar with Stenna, I will give you a simple equation. Stacie+Jenna=Stenna. Brilliant right? We went above and beyond the girls in Junior High who use each letter of their first names (plus a few random vowels to make it sound right) as their group name and did a simple combo. Provo, I give you Stenna.

Last week all I got all glammed out and went to the Sundance Film Festival with high hopes of seeing 50 cent, and clubbing my way into his candy shop, to say the least the excursion was short due to global warming. (extreme temperatures). Courtney Bledsoe was probably right when she said hell is cold.

There are two new aesthetically pleasing things about my life, pictured below. 1. I am forming natural dread locks 2. I feng-shuied my room (I think).


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  2. I didn't say the lineup was thaaat rockin, I just said it would be rockin if we FINALLY went together.

  3. whatever, chutup forest.

    your flowers you arranged for me are holding up nicely and between that and my yellow room its nearly impossible for me to be down up here! so thanks!

    wyatt calls me stenna, i dont think he gets it still.

  4. nice floral.
    nice room with suspended chair. great idea.
    and i second forest's comment, jack johnson is headlining.

  5. Ok, first of all, we have strong mutual feelings towards "gerbies" as I've herd them be referred to by a florist. Barf-o. Secondly, I want to take a floral design class! I told Chelsea that she should go to a floral design school when she gets home (mostly so that I can go with her). Thirdly, I got an e-mail from Chelsea today telling me that we (you and I) MUST go out to lunch THIS WEEK. It sounded like a command.

  6. I DO HATE GERBER DAISIES. That is proof that we really are sisters. I wonder sometimes :) Wasn't that mean of mom to stick them in? Rude. I do think you would be a fabuloso botany major, especially because you have dreds. Gross. Really, I could see you down there in the green houses dropping strange chemicals into soil. You could find the cure to cancer!

  7. Jenna,

    Thank you for your confession. It makes me feel a lot better because I did the EXACT SAME THING a few weeks ago. I made cookies for you girlies and ate them before I could bring them over. So we're even. Love your face.