Bledsoemuch and the christian baby

So I had a minor midlife crisis when I turned 21. I am now finding out why! All of my little babies are GROWing up so fast. CONGRATS to Courtney Bledsoe (like bled-so-much-she-died, yes) who will now be Queen of the Provo/Orem area. She has finally decided that she will take on the Grow name instead of Wyatt taking hers. Which was a good call Courtney, now that we will be getting 1/2 off at Gurus/Brick oven, free swims in the bridal veil falls, and lots of big candy rocks from that one mountain.
They already have been dubbed the best looking couple (by the best looking Patterson, and no, it's not me), and will be getting married in June!

Also, congrats to Nicole Christensen who has a new blueberry baby on the way! It's going to be darling, I mean check out the parents.

I miss you guys both and am so happy for both of you (and am way excited to be the godmother of each of your children)!!!

With lotsa vday love,

Your unmarried blueberrybabyless old "roommate" (that was for you Nicole) aka BFFaeae


  1. don't you want to write something about me??? I'm feeling left out!!! court's engaged????? FRREAKKK I am out more out of the loop than I have ever been. MISS YOU!

  2. thanks missy godmother. how'd you know i was gonna ask you to take on that title? blueberry will love you.

  3. I ran into the dustin look a like at costco on Saturday! That couple is super nice!

  4. Erin-That's funny it was you who ran into them at Costco, because I got a text about how someone came up to Wyatt asking if he was the Dustin look alike!