Go cards!

I'm all about my new years goals this year. One of them is: "do it now, or it will never get done!!!" Being completely avid on scoring each goal this year, I got one by incorporating the "do it now, or it will never get done" motto for 2009:

I ran a 10K!

And maybe sometimes abiding by that kind of motto isn't the healthiest thing ever. I did run my 10K. I did! It's done! And I'm so happy I finally did it (it's been on my goal list for 2 years without it ever getting done...), but I threw up five times.

Don't worry. Right after crossing the finish line. And no, I wasn't running fast or pushing myself. The lady next to me even had enough breath in her lungs to say "sick!!!" just to give you a gauge of how fast I was NOT running. I guess that is what you get when you overestimate your endurance without testing it prior to the run. Oh well!

These hot mamas have three kids each, ran faster than me, and have already made me feel stronger in my 30s!

Hermana and I got ready for church in separate rooms today and met in the family room to drive together like we do every Sunday. We didn't see each other. But we both ended up wearing this ----> (see picture below)!!!! Best part is, neither of us changed. We LOVE matching, it makes us feel like we were meant to be twinz!

Why do I love Nadia?!
(text message conversation)
Jenna: "Want to go to the Britney Spears concert?"
Nadia: (without hesitation literally 2 seconds after sending my text) "Yessss I'll do anything!!!"

I love love love NADIA!!!!

So I missed two VERY important bday shout outs! Hermana and Jamie! I love you both so much and love overtaking don and leslie's house from right under their noses with you guys. Here are 9 things (for nine kids, I don't know, don't ask) that I thank each of you for...

1. For having dance parties every time I enter your room/the kitchen with my ipod.
2. For inviting me everywhere you ever go, you are my best friend!
3. For having braces now for the THIRD time.
4. For all the times you fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon with your friends (hands behind head legs and mouth open).
5. For all of the times I want to feel cute and ask you to do my hair and you do without hesitation, because I still haven't figured out how to do my own hair.
6. For always being willing to run to yogurberry/ocean blue with me.
7. For never getting stressed about stoopid stuff (school) and always being willing to play.
8. For thinking I'm funny sometimes.
9. For texting with me during church.

1. For deciding you want to play the guitar and sing in Spanish.
2. For being the spiritual leader that I need.
3. For reading your scriptures out loud in Spanish everyday when I walk in on you.
4. For getting mad at Jamie and I when we text in church.
5. For speaking to me in Spanglish.
6. For telling funny stories (even if the gothic cats were never fed).
7. For putting the family mac in spanish mode.
8. For giving me advice/listening to me while we cruise the streets on bikes.
9. For your desire to always learn new things- from spanish songs on the guitar to par le vu france???

Happy birthdays sisters. I'm so happy to know we are together FOREVER!

Also, for those of you who want to start a fun family tradition: Leslie (my mom) is the greatest ever. For each of her 9 kids (2 in-laws) birthdays, she makes us each a "birthday dinner" that we requested on the Sunday after our birthday. For instance, Jayne picked out "ribs and mac and cheese and roasted mixed veggies with cheese cake." Then the birthday girl/boy/man/woman has to eat on the "red plate" or special plate. All of the married kids come over with their kids, and the whole family gets together. We also go around and say our favorite thing/memory of the birthday person. Okay, that doesn't happen most of the time but I make sure it does on my special red plated day!

You just have to love AZ this time of year. It's so pretty! I took a bike ride and took pictures of an unknown farmer's horses (because only farmers have horses) and of horse I got caught. The last picture is marely of the horse looking back at his farmer.

And just when you thought my blog posts couldn't get any LONGER...

Dustin felt strongly like he needed to get out. So we went to Paris, France (Las Vegas, NV) over MLK weekend. I stayed in a room with buckets full of beef sticks (purchased by the homeowner as an investment), so it was an amazing trip.

I have started nannying for Julie once a week. This Thursday I got to play "moms vs. kids" dodgeball. It's so fun being a mom!

.The end of the longest blog poster ever.


  1. Yahh.. you can come to our girls night next week we are doing crafts night.. this week dinner at oreganos weds.

    I like how you think only FARMERS have horses.. hahaha

  2. ps.. congrats on the 10k.. I wanna do one but dont wanna do all the training before to be prepared! But Sandy is trying to talk me into them! haha

  3. those are rex's horses, my mom's pretty good friends with rex. she always feeds his horses our old apples.

  4. How dare you exclude the text conversation

    Jenna: How serious were you about going to the buzz tonight?

    Nadia: Dead.

    I love the shoutout!

    And I love Dustin!

    And it blows my mind how you manage to look so pretty and polished (Your sisters included)that early in the morning, and before/after a 10k. Plus the fact that you did that! I'm impressed!

    Thank you thank you for moving home and playing with me! I love our chats about boys and how difficult and amazing they are!

  5. congrats on the 10k, Yvette was supposed to call me to wake me up and go...because I am incapable of doing so myself...but she slept in, sooo I did too. oops.