my life right na na na

This semester is going to be sew fun!!! In an attempt to fulfill one of my new years goals "don't ever get stressed this year" I have decided to go ahead and take a full load of sewing classes at MCCool, instead of enrolling in classes that are of academic nature which ironically could help me progress toward my ever growing more vague and distant graduation day. Don't tell Don!

The Patterson fam celebrated Christmas with two jedi masters. We also shared our talents with one another (bribes may have been offered to those involved). Some of us were mocked. See picture below.

Leslie taught me how to prune her rose bushes for her this week. I found her in the backyard the next day doing something to those same bushes...it looked a lot like pruning. Sorry Les.

I turned 21, it was so-much-fun. We all went skating at skate land, a really great place to have a date land. A special surprise guest came for my birthday, and even though some guessed that guest would be Akon, and started a chant for him to come out (Stacie), it wasn't him. But we were not disappointed. We loved giving high fives to skate-o, and telling the DJ to go back to footlocker, all while doin' the hokey pokey.

Dustin and I went to a suns game for my birthday. The highlight was probably watching the dancers come into the aisles where the fans were sitting, and observing those dancers shake it, by themselves, facing us. All while adorned in rather scandalous attire. Now that takes some confi-dance.
Disclaimer: Though it may look like I got sweaty, I did NOT play in the game. Dustin doesn't really like me sweaty. (see picture above)

SISTER CHE NOR GETS BACK THIS WEEK!!! I love her and am SO excited to see her.


  1. Wow, I hardly recognize you with your ultra blonde hair. When do I get to see you again? How is it that you live a mile away and I rarely see you?

  2. skate land was so amazing. I wish we had pictures to document our girls night where our battery died and I had to ask a complete stranger to give us a jump while her newborn child cried in the backseat.

  3. I'm so glad you're not platinum anymore, you look a little SoCal or Latina, I'm not sure which. I love the pic of Christmas. Thanks for finding the humor at all times, in all places, and in all things. Can't wait to read the next blog...

  4. OH! lets take a trip. a sandy eggo trip! and see our chelts!