Our number seven turns ELEVEN!!!

Brigham and I decided that it would be best if we took a break from each other. That's right Zona, I'm back!

Michelle and I living the risky college "no parents, no rules" lives we do-took of before the sun rose in Provo with no sleep under our (seat) belts. Needless to say, we made it home in one piece, but we both don't really remember the drive.

Things I snoOoo I will miss:

1. The odd duck: tanning on Sunday when it is freezing, "yooo-hoo"

2. Going to mustachio bashios--oh and THAYNEs so much for going with me. It was inTHAYNEly fun!!!

3. Watching Michelle fall EVERY time she tries to cross our private ice skating rink (driveway)

4. Taking pictures of myself on my iPhone to document my first night as a BYU drop out (I'm happy, I swear. Not sad..)

5. Taking pictures of the great outdoors in lieu of going outdoors

6. Dance parties in my room (because it happened SO much)

7. Ty, especially when he thinks its okay to bag up the party lunch meat and take it home as a party favor

I have been sick for THREE weeks (I still cough)...but luckily for me, I could not ask for a better (really fake) doctor, he sent me flowers! (but this was all before he believed I actually had asthma)

Last (in birth and blog order) but not least in either category...

She's the funniest/most hip/most fun/most amazing/best aunt/most everything and anything good sister a Jenna could ask for!!! I LOVE YOU. I'm obsessed with you and everything you do. Blog readers, I would like to put captions underneath each photo, but I know as well as you what exactly is going on in each picture. Oh and Jayne, since you secretly read my bloggy blog, thank you for moving everything all the way up to my room when I got home, you are seriously the sweetest.

OH- we love you TOO Jayne, we DO!


  1. inthayneley fun? Really Jenna? Ah I love you I can't believe we haven't hung out yet. Tonight baby girl tonight!

  2. Im sad i never got to say bye to you!!!

  3. I am belly laughing and about to wake the kids. Wow, that is just the funniest thing you've written. I especially love the pic of my eskimo/asian baby, Situa-Chi. We are glad to have our sense of humor back in AZ.