Just livin' my life..(ay!)

My overly organic sister has recently gained my forever debt to her. This debt all stemmed from a series of events when I drank out of an infected relative's QT drink only to be informed that the QT drink's owner was relatively (yes, relatively) infected with bird flu (mono). Thanks to Julie's healthy habits and passion for alternative medicine, she knew about cow thymus protein packets. They were made by the government to cure people of bird flu, and upon putting the crushed up not-harmed-in-the-making cow packeted parts in your mouth they foam. Foaming ain't no thang when the foam cures you of deadly viruses like bird mono. Plus, it has this rather sweet foaming flavor.

Dustin came to Utah and the events included but were not limited to the following:

-Going to the symphony in Salt Lake

-Convincing a 28 year old man/boy/fake doctor (whose identity shall remain unknown)that doorbell ditching my detailed oriented HUM 201 teacher that makes me learn way too much was a GOOD idea*
*(which was somewhat similar to my best friend convincing me that putting a burned steak through a crack in the window of my mean orchestra teacher's "vintage" truck was a good idea, and it was)
-Eating 2 gallons of ice cream in 2 nights (and 2 packs of Oreos in 10 days)
(I think that is all you need to know.)

I'm over Thanksgiving, and on to bigger and BETTER things.
(Thanksgiving did not even involve me turkey trotting- but did involve me winning a ping pong tourney against the best Patterson ponger). I am really into Christmas this year, and I have already gone to the temple lights (twice), made ginger bread houses, eaten all of the seasonal flavors that sneak dangerously close to being as good as the actual season including: egg nog, peppermint, and pumpkin.
From Christmasmas
(You are only at liberty to make a face like this when you win ping-pong)

From Christmasmas

(I'm officially obsessed)

(Tyler's gingerbread house)

Even though you can't see the actual lights, trust me, they are adorning the temple grounds:

From Christmasmas

Now I am back in "the place" (which could be argued) and doin' my cougar thang. But don't you worry Zonies, I'll be back in T minus 18 days in order to do things like drive in big trucks, complain about 50 degree "freezing" weather, and purchase Ed Hardy Christmas clothing with you.

From Christmasmas

(This is what happens when tia Yana leaves)


  1. i love that you went to the utah symph. whatd they play?

  2. I don't even know where to start. But when you mentioned putting a stake through the window I started laughing so hard my receptionist had to know what was so funny. So I explained and she didn't seem to understand why I thought it was the funniest thing. Maybe you just had to be there.