Two protein shakes a day keeps the doctor away...

Not that I really mind the doctor or anything, but I'm on a protein shake binge. I am up to two a day! Following my protein shake every morning I usually eat marshmallow mateys in bed, which leaves me sleeping with the mallows by night. Leslie should be really proud!
(Yes, the two glasses on the nightstand were BOTH from todays shakes, and yes, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in my strength)

HP 3 and politics go together like white on rice. We support Obama and the US of A! God bless Amuuurica. (Election night)

Question of the day: When Jayne is your sibling, how do you try to compete with her for MY: love/attention/heart/favorite sibling?

Answer: You don't.

(Jayne made her own costume. Meet lunch lady Edna.)


  1. Oh that lunch lady! Since I can't compete for your love and attention as your sister, how 'bout I be Mom #2? I am old enough and wise enough and somehow I have two kids of my own. When did that happen!? And may the Mateys make you smart and strong for all those midterms.

  2. This is the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER seen. Oh my goooddness.

  3. oh goshhhhh.
    this is great.
    you are great.
    k. jenna. let's run into each other soon.

  4. JoAnn, I'll send you my birth certificate in the mail. Consider me your new daughter. I mean, you did practically raise me, right? Just promise you'll never declare that "you hate this family!!!" while I'm under your roof.

    Estee- I haven't run into you for quite some time. Let's coug together!

  5. gurl,red bull is soo much better than protein..

  6. What? Are you insinuating that I ever yelled such hateful things to members of my family?! Well, I guess I was the "lion" of the house but I will not confirm nor deny the truth to that statement. Daughter, I'll save my best advice for you.

  7. you heard right girl. i was looking for you frantically while you were looking for my car frantically so that we could recite the lyrics together.

    in. my. heeeeeeeeeead!

    i'm glad that the ONLY song I know the full lyrics to is Tatu.

  8. I really like her unibrow bahaha

  9. 3 CHEERS FOR PROTEIN YOU SPAZ...Hope youre having a great turkey day in AZ, miss you!