The 'St' in Stenna gets married!

That is right, Stacie ain't so White anymore. WE LOVE THE LANGS!!!!

Pictures!!! Don't worry, there will be plenty more to come:

Rehearsal dinner:


(Yes, she is raising the roof upon getting married)

Dearest Dusty- This is the closest you're going to get to these shots. Enjoy!!!

We are really photogenic, riiiight?


  1. i love i love i love! ive been checking everyones blog for the blessed pics of staceys wed. im so glad you posted. i love her dress. i need more asap!!

  2. oh my zooness!
    im lounging/blogging in a white robe in what could easily be the nicest hotel ive ever stayed in while geoff is snoozing.

    anyways, loved the shout out brides maid. im sorry i hid my car in the barlows drive way, causing you to miss the bouquet toss. (definitely lowered your chances with mr. right pictured above!)

  3. Love these pics, I'm so sad I wasn't there. But Jen you would be happy to know that your hair is FINALLY looking longer. Seriously thats the first thing i noticed.

  4. you two looked sooo good! that was the best time ever!