The Langs come to Provo

This weekend our good friends, the Langs came to Utah for a family/friend visit. They came and went far too quickly, and we wish they would just go ahead and move here permanently (come on guys, it's a good idea!!!).

(The Langs, how cute are they?)


The Langs are seriously some of the nicest, most generous, happy friends anyone could ask for. (We kinda luck out in the friends department, we pretty much have some of the best people in the world as our friends.) Before leaving, Geoff and Stacie managed to have my car fixed, my computer problems looked at, and a box of treats from Provo bakery left on our table for us to munch on. We just love them.

(Dustin and Ivy loving each other)

Their Provo trip was just one full day, and for the short amount of time we saw them, we managed to squeeze a lot in. We played at our house, ate at J Dawgs for lunch, went to Uchi (a teppanyaki resturaunt) for dinner with friends, played games at Nicole and Dane's until late at night while sharing four huge shakes (thanks Courtney!), and had fun trying to set Dash and Ivy up for life. We may or may not have managed to get a picture of them smooching.

(The spinning egg, right next to Courtney's face. Terrifying.)

(the old bunkmates-I love this!)

(post dinner)

(Court and I on a shake run)

(games at Nicole and Dane's house)

(Dash and Ivy being coerced to kiss)

Langs, we just love you. Come again soon. But this next time, please stay?


  1. OH my gosh those babies are adorable!!! But I sort of think that Sawyer and Ivy are soul mates. I mean, you do remember Sawyer showing off all his dance moves for her just days before she made her way into the world right? April 23rd? Ring a bell?

    I Love you.


  2. ugh!!!! Just come to Texas PALEEEEEZE!!!!!!!

  3. So fun!!! I love this post!! Can we be part of the friends group when we live back in Utah? Pretty please??!!!

  4. This post made me so happy and so sad at the same time! I love you guys, thanks for being such good hosts!

  5. Beautiful friends!

    And.. you're slacking on blog girl! :)