Where do I start after so many events have come and gone without any blogging evidence? This semester has been crazy, 16 credits + Graphic Design Portfolio due soon = nuts. And Dustin isn't any less busy these last few weeks working 12-18 hour shifts most days. I can feel it beginning to slow down soon enough though. So on to happier things...

Months ago Dustin and I got the chance to go and visit the other Robert family (Anne, John, and Eden-John and Dustin are brothers, I totally lucked out with his wifey choice right?) in NYC. They moved from D.C. to Harlem this fall so John could attend a taxation law program at NYU (yeah, we know he's smart). When we were visiting, John was cramming for the bar exam, so we didn't get to spend as much quality time with him as we wanted. But we loved when he got a spare moment to hang, and it turns out, alll of that studying paid off, John passed the NY bar exam! Go John!

Left: Me at the MoMA,  Middle: Eden swinging in Central Park,  Right: Dustin at the MoMA

We loved living like locals in Harlem across from a fried chicken restaurant, a stones throw from Central Park, and an even closer walk to the nearest subway stop. It was amazing, and we are a tiny bit jealous they live there, yet happy, because Anne and John have a dedicated guest room with our names on it (right guys?)

Left: John, Anne, and Eden,  Right: Central Park by their house

New York went as follows: Dustin and I got to see Harry Potter on Broadway (aka Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying). When Harry (Daniel) came out on the stage with Anderson Cooper's narration track playing in the background, I almost cried. I had no idea how strong my feelings were towards Harry Potter (though I did know how strong my feelings were towards A. Cooper, I love him, don't be mad Dusty).

Okay, so you know how Daniel Radcliffe totally looks like a dweeb that wouldn't be coordinated? He was amazing! He is an incredible performer, and honestly, he held his own dancing AND singing, I was really impressed. He was full blown drenched with sweat by the end of the show, which I was rather impressed by. What a hard worker. I'm a pretty big D. Rad fan now. I highly recommend that any of you who are going to NY in the next two months see it before he leaves. The show itself was really great, and fun, and we just really loved it and left smiling. The music and costumes were fantastic.

Left: Dustin waiting to get tickets,  Right: Our awesome seats

To sum up the rest of NY in a timely manner: we also went to the MoMA, I saw Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night for the first time in person and wanted to mostly because it is such a famous work, but when I saw it in person it changed my perspective on it. I got teary eyed over it, which is weird, because I'm not one of those deep art people. We also went to a dance/gymnastic type show that was awesome, we had brunch with Anne and John and Eden at Cafe Lalo (the place that was on the movie You've Got Mail), we had countless dinners on the streets at falafel trucks, and we also made it to the NYU area and tried to look at John's stomping grounds but they were totally way too exclusive for us and said that anyone that wasn't an "NYU Law Student" on the grounds was trespassing. Too high class for us ;)

Left: Dustin at the MoMA, Middle: The theatre,  Right: Me in Washington Square Park

To say the least, seeing John, Anne, Eden, and baby #2 (in Anne's stomach) a few times a year isn't enough for us. We love them in New York but we think they should be closer. We have so much fun with them.

After we left New York, Fall came (and is already gone may I add). I'm lucky enough to have amazing friends who enjoy life to the fullest and celebrate fall just because it's fall. We went to Nicole's fall party, complete with hay rides, root beer, and bread bowls. So much fun. Thanks for throwing a great party (as always) Nicole.

Left: Magic, the horse,  Right: Alex and Annie Grow, Dustin and I, Courtney and Wyatt Grow (This and the following two photos are from Nicole's blog, you can find more there)

Left: Courtney and Wyatt,  Right: Dash (Nicole and Dane's cutie)

Nicole, Dane, and Dash

Dustin and I also managed to get an Alpine loop ride in up the canyon to see the gorgeous leaves. 
Dustin on our fall drive

Nicole also had the girlfriends (and husbands) over for a pumpkin decorating/painting night, also equally as fun. This time Kelsey (who lives in St. George) was there, which made it even more special. And to top that all off Courtney baked the most amazing salted caramels for us. To die for.

Left: Nicole and Kels,  Middle: Court with her salted caramels,  Right: Dustin and I painting away (photo: c/o Nicole's Blog)

Dustin and I mid pumpkin paint

Soon after that Halloween was here, and Courtney and I decided we would give Nicole a break (she hosts everything can't you tell) and throw a really small intimate Halloween dinner. Courtney really did everything but I somehow ended up getting the credit probably mostly because it was at my house. We had Pumpkin Mac & Cheese, Pumpkin bars, Cranberry chicken, and a delicious spinach salad. Wyatt (Courtney's husband) was nice enough to bring a table and 6 chairs over to my place for the dinner. It was perfect, and we decided we are going to do dinner parties more often.

Left: The dinner set-up,  Right: The three girls, somehow we didn't get a pic of the husbands :(

Grandpa and Grandma Allen came up to Provo because they decided to go on another mission (this is mission #4) and went to the MTC for a week (yep, a week, I think they are pros by now). They had the chance to take a few of us grandkids that live up in Provo out for dinner. Afterwards we went to my cousin Regans soccer game (she plays for UVU).

It was so much fun, I really have the best family. I love spending every minute I get the chance to with G&G Allen. When my mom initially told me they were going to go on another mission I was pretty distraught, I won't lie, I'm totally selfish but I thought 3 missions was enough. So I hoped and prayed that they would be called to Provo. I'm mean huh? Well they were called to the Historic Fort Cove Mission, which is only two hours away, so I'm not mad, they're 10 hours closer to me on their mission than they were before their mission. Yes! I wish you guys could all have grandparents like these two. Cove Fort, consider yourselves VERY lucky to have them. And Grandma, get ready for a visit come spring.

Fun fact- Ira Hinckley (who was the grandfather to Gordon B. Hinckley) founded Fort Cove. Ira, also happens to be my Grandma Allen's (the lady below) great-grandpa, and her own mother's grandpa. Yep, Gordon B. Hinckley and my great-grandma were first cousins. Which makes it extra special that they will be able to serve there for a year.

Grandma and Grandpa Allen

Well, 17 days left until my portfolio will be turned in. I'm equally looking forward to and dreading that day. I want in the program pretty bad.

One of my portfolio works, made of all paper

In the meantime, I'll be working hard on that while taking the occasional lunch break a few times a week to go out with Courtney, Nicole, and Dash (and the occasional Kelsey when she is around). How would I survive without these guys to pick me up at school and take me to lunch so I stay sane? I mean look at that face, how can you remember any of your cares when he's around?

Left: Kels, Court, Me, Dash,  Middle: Dash in all his glory,  Right: The girls and Dash after lunch


  1. your life looks amazing! i sure miss you lots and lots! and you are quite the artist! im impressed. And youre so so so pretty and so so skinny. So lucky to have you as my friend!

  2. It's a miracle! :)

    I can't imagine that crazy schedule for your husband. That must suck! Good for you for doing school! Your projects are great. Love those colors and design! Good luck with your portfolio! You'll do great. BYU would be crazy to not take you in the program.

  3. What a great few months we have had, and the holidays have only just begun!

  4. I love your life and I miss you! I'm super jealous you got to hang with G&G, but you would be jealous of the going away party we had for them, complete with great speech from uncle D. Have you noticed he's pulled off such fabulous speeches lately? Are you coming for Thanksgiving? I sure hope so! LOve you!