And the portfolio is in!

I can't even tell you what a relief it was to turn in my portfolio last night at 2 A.M.--4 months of hard work and I finally have it in.

I never want to do another portfolio again, so I'm crossing my fingers I will be accepted. I should know within four weeks. There's a really good chance I won't be accepted, but I'm hoping for the best!

Here are a few of the 10 art pieces I submitted:

Oh man, it has been a stressful few months and I have put a lot of pressure on myself and consequently, everything else seemed to fall to the side (I haven't made dinner in four months and the house has gone through periods of pure disaster). Dustin hasn't complained once, he has been a champion and my number one fan all at the same time. Bless his heart, I know it hasn't been easy. I am so thankful for such an amazing husband who doesn't complain, and trust me, he has had many reasons to complain in the last few months. Love that guy.

(Dustin in Midway on Thanksgiving loving the neighbors cat)

Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic, even though neither of us got to spend it with our parents, my sister (and her in-laws) were gracious enough to take us in for Thanksgiving feast. I loved spending the time with my sister's little rascals in beautiful Midway.

(A field in Midway, our view at Thanksgiving)

On Thanksgiving eve, we went out with a few friends for a Thanksgiving eve feast at Pizzeria 712, I love the holidays and the excuses you get to spend time with amazing friends and family. It's seriously my favorite things. What is better than a holiday get togethers and holiday parties? Nothing. Bring it on December.

(the girls)

(the husbands)

In the meantime, Dustin and I did get the chance to squeeze in a little home improvement project Thanksgiving weekend, and I thought I would share because I just love it. I have been wanting an inspiration board so bad this last few months, something to hang a calendar on, artwork, to-do lists, and the like. I didn't want cork board, and I didn't want a white board, so I went for a magnetic board.

We didn't really know how to make it but on a Home Depot trip (where Dustin bought a million Christmas lights) I went wandering off while Dustin was doing his thing in order to see if I could come up with any inspiration for my magnetic board. I asked a worker for sheet metal and they guided me to the duct area (as in air ducts... I think). I saw this thin sheet metal that was supposed to be used for a duct and showed it to Dustin. We thought we would try it. So we brought it home, and Dustin mounted it on the wall with those Command brand damage free hanging strips and there you have it, a magnetic board for $9. You're welcome.

Please excuse the lack of a rug, lamp, and the weird yellow walls, we are slowly getting our house together--but here are the pictures:

And now I will leave you all with some images to help you get into that Christmas spirit. Happy December!

(one of my nativity sets all ready for Christmas)

(Dustin scaling the trees putting up the Christmas lights)

(Our Christmas lights, check out that tree. And FYI- I didn't touch one strand of lights, it was all Dustin)


  1. I'm in love with the l'infante piece. You have such talent!
    Lovely photos.

  2. That Iceland one rocks!! All of it is beautiful Jenna. They'd be crazy not to take such a talented person as yourself! Crossing my fingers and toes you get in!

    And now for the Christmas decor. One word: Awesome. Good job to your husband for climbing that tree! The place looks wonderful!

  3. Jen, you're so talented. They'd be crazy not to accept you into the program. But from judging your work, I'd say you're in! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  4. I loved the text he accidently sent me, asking me if we {you} could please go to dinner or something!!! I'm so sorry you have been so stressed out! I just know if is going to be worth it. I've got BIG PLANS for us...BIG PLANS. And I love you.

    And I really want to hire you to come and do my eyelashes whilst I am in the hospital. {If you are done with school and all}

    I miss you.

  5. AMAZING!!!! you are such an incredible artist! I want your work in my house! I love the magnetic board! Miss you!

  6. It all looks so good! Now it's time to relax and get your bootay to AZ!!!

  7. Love the new ones you added. Completes your style and it's consistent. Love it. YeaH!

  8. i LOVE your iceland piece, it's awesome!

  9. Highly original, you're such a visionary, in a genius sort of way. For reals though Jenna, you created amazing pieces, they are beautiful and creative and put your mind into thought.

  10. i really really love the top black/white pieces... i'd buy prints of those in a heartbeat. good luck! they'd be crazy not to accept you.

  11. I absolutely love your artwork. I really really hope you get accepted.

  12. your work is lovely! so talented!