From Sea to Shining Sea (From Newport to D.C.)

Where did the summer go? One thing on my "to-do before school list" was to catch up on is the blog. I wanted to get Iceland and this summer all blogged before I hit the books, looks like it's not going to happen. BYU starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!

In July the Patterfam went to Newport, Dustin and I were invited, so I went. Dustin had his usual doctorly duties to attend to and I will be honest, it was kinda nice to scram away from Utah and my dear Dusty while he was on a super busy rotation. Late nights and long days alone get old pretty fast. He was seriously missed.

(I don't know what's going on in this picture)

We had fun playing at the beach, eating Jane's corn dogs on Balboa Island, riding the waves (this year was especially fun because my nephews are getting old enough and brave enough to body surf with), and lounging at the pool. We even branched out and went to San Juan Capistrano Mission this year. That's big for us. We kinda dig the beach.

(we went to Knott's Berry Farm, I saw Snoop Dogg the first and only time I went to Knott's, so it had a high standard)

(Jake and Ty loving the waves)

(Brinley bliss)

(Me and Carolina beaching)

(Jamie, Mom, and I at the mission)

(mom and dad at the mission)

Last week I hopped a plane for D.C. to shoot video for a wedding in Virginia, which means I got to stay with Anne and John and Eden in the D.C. area.

(the East coast Robert family, we love them)

(Washington Monument. Breaks my heart this thing is cracked from the Earthquake. So much history here.)

It was far too short of a trip (and Anne and John happened to be in the middle of packing up their house to move to NYC that weekend) but somehow we managed to eat at a few yummy places, visited the National Cathedral (which I'm so glad we did considering the earthquake damage, I had never seen it in person before), checked the Washington Monument, and took a stroll through the National Gallery as well as the National Portrait Museum.

(JFK at the portrait museum, I love this one.)

(Me and Anne at the National Cathedral.)

(Eden at the Cathedral)

(Eden being cute on our walk)

(Anne and I out at dinner in Georgetown)

At the National Gallery, I finally got to see this Chuck Close painting that is one of Dustin's favorites. It's so rad in person. It is made with his fingerprints! Insane! Random trivia: did you know Chuck Close has face blindness? Did you even know face blindness was a "thing"???

(an up-close shot of the painting)

(Eden being on her best behavior in the museums.)

(Eden and I in the NGA, can I even say that? NGA?)

(Eden, Anne, and I at the National Gallery.)

I can't tell you all how much I love D.C. it is honestly one of my favorite places in the entire world. We lived there in October 2010 for a month with John and Anne and Eden, and even though I had visited a few times before, living there just made me love the area so much more.

Hopefully one day I can spend a few years in D.C. It's probably realistically not in the cards for this Robert fam, but who knows? I never thought that when I moved back to Gilbert, I would ever live in Provo again...now look at me! Sometimes life is funny.


  1. that was made out of fingerprints!? ohhh my gosh! coolest thing i ever did see.

  2. your hair color looks amazing in the cathedral pic with you and your sis in law!

  3. There is so much to say about this post I don't even know where to start.

    Vacation...love it. Love the kids so much.

    Snoop Dogg? Seriously? Conan and now Snoop? NO FAIR!

    Paintings=amazing. AMAZING. amazing.

    School? When do you start? Are you so excited? Are you going to teach me everything (maybe not everything) you learn?

  4. I wish you could visit me every weekend.. hold it.. dreams coming true- I'll see you in NYC tomorrow!!!