7 Days of (Utah) Summer

I've been blog-slacking big time and summer is slipping away without documentation. Which isn't okay because I have the worst memory known to man. Seriously, whenever I need to remember anything from my past, I always text Stacie who basically was by my side 24/7 growing up and remembers everything. Thank goodness for friends like that. But she isn't here in UT, so the blogging begins...

1. Ever since Dustin and I moved up here to Utah we have turned to each other quite a few times and talked about how blessed we are to be here. We miss our friends and family in Arizona (and sometimes living in D.C. or San Diego sounds amazing), but we really know that being here was the right choice. We are lucky! The residency faculty/fellow residents are so nice and positive and have treated us so well. Not to mention the support system I alone have here. What would I do without my girlfriends and two sisters? I literally see them a few times a week, which is nice because some weeks Dustin is gone A LOT (like 6:30 AM-11:00 PM style, sometimes overnight too!)

(Me and Jamie hanging out on a summer night when Dustin was working)

2. A few weeks ago here in Utah my old friend and bunk mate Jill got married. I used to share a bed with her in college, it was kinda weird but needless to say, we got super close that summer. Especially on that Guatemala trip we took as friends that same summer. I hadn't seen Jill since before she went on a mission to Argentina. She hadn't even seen me married. And I showed up at her wedding. It was a blast! So happy for her and Gavin.

(top: Kels, Nikky, me, and Nicole at Jill's wedding)

3. One beautiful summer day, Courtney, Kelsey, and I decided to go to brunch at Sundance. It was amazing. We brought a change of clothes and hiked stewart falls afterwards. It was breathtaking. We loved it so much we decided we would all hike together like once a week. That has yet to happen...but I'm so glad I got a little Utah in before the summer is over.

(Me, Court, and Kels at Sundance Brunch)

(On the lift up, looking down. So green!)

(At the top of Stewart Falls)

(top: us on the lift up at Sundance, bottom: pretty aspens)

4. My sister in law, who happens to be one of my favorite girlfriends (we just love each other) came from D.C. to visit her homeland of UT for a few weeks. She brought my niece Eden. Anne, Eden, and I all girl partied for a few days and had a sleepover, it was a blast. I have so much fun with these too. I also got to go see them last week in D.C., but more on that later.

(Eden being cute, as always)

(Eden and I. This girl is a crack up)

(Eden sleeping at our sleepover)

5. Today Kelsey packed up and moved to her motherland of St. George, Utah today. All the girlfriends are sad, she is going to be missed, but also equally excited for her to potentially move to San Fran. We had dinners and brunches and lunches in order to have a proper send-off.

(Kels, me, and Courtney at dinner)

(the girls at lunch)

6. Kelsey and I came home from lunching together one afternoon and decided it was high time we face timed with the Langers, Ivy woke up mid-chat and we were able to talk (sort of) with her for a few minutes. We miss those three. I caught some amazing screen shots of Ivy, while we were talking. She is a riot.

(Ivy waking up in her crib)

7. Oh and last but definitely not least and worth noting...a while back our dear friend practically family member Wyatt hurt his chin while at work, it split open pretty good so he went ahead and asked Dr. Dustin for his expert opinion on the matter. Dusty decided they needed to go ahead and either put stitches in, or use this special glue-like substance to keep it closed if it wasn't that bad. Courtney and I both went and watched and supported our husbands like good wives. It was fun to see Dustin in action. So weird still. He's legit! Anyway, in trade for Dustin's service Wyatt took Dustin and I out for a steak dinner. Hilarious.

(Dustin getting the numbing shot ready)

(Dustin at work, Wyatt being worked on)

(Court and Wyatt at our steak dinner)


  1. Love this post! I don't know if it made me more sad you don't live here or more excited to come up and visit soon!

    Also, it looks like doogie howzer is looking at his reflection in a pond or something as he's working on wyatt- twinsies!

  2. Stacie just needs to get over the cold winter and move here, chels needs to forget texas, Kels needs to stop trying to grow up, Morgan needs to give in and get a job at the frozen factory, and we all need to be in Utah together forever. And ever. And ever. And ever. Love you.

  3. looks like such a fun summer! i love the shots of you and your girlfriends hiking. x

  4. so sad Im missing out on these adventures! Miss you! love you! so happy youre having fun!

  5. Love all these, and thanks for finally updating... I needed a good blog update! :)

  6. I feel like such a creep...but I saw you and your husband at ikea yesterday and I got really excited about it. My friends thought I was crazy but it made me really happy. You and your husband are so cute. just thought I'd let you know:)

  7. Haha! Diana, you're hilarious. And thank you. I hope I wasn't looking too mopey, Ikea didn't have the rug I was so excited to get and I was not a happy camper. Next time you spot us on one of our many Ikea runs, come say whazzup!