50(somethin) and FINE!!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Mom! You are amazing and I love you very much.

A few favorites about Leslie:

-7 kids and a body like THAT?! (I have not fit into her clothes since the 4th grade)

-5 of the 7 children (she birthed herself) have birthdays in December and January, and we still celebrate Christmas!

-She will cut my hair (or should I say MAKES me cut my hair every six months) because she knows how I hate it getting cut. It takes a lot of stress off.

(another one of my "crazy" ideas she participated in)

-Leslie calls the kids on our house intercom system quite often. She righteously beckons: "come down for praaayyy-uuurrs!!!"-the word prayers has a certain twang to it when she says it. As if she could suddenly be from the south.

-I have the worst ideas that I think are really great sometimes. Leslie never tells me I have a bad idea. She lets me figure it out on my own. These ideas are always normally awful and unrealistic. She helps me to see that they are, indeed awful, by getting me to think things through. You're right mom, moving to Argentina alone was a bad idea. I probably would have died.

Another bad (good) idea of mine- quicksand hill of a hike we went on in Chile because I really really really wanted to, so you not only let me, but came.

oh and Jayne has some bad (amazing) ideas too. See raved about self invented Halloween costume above.

-Such a cutie in her 50s! She's pretty funky too with her faux alligator skin purses. She's aged quite gracefully, especially considering the 6 girls and one boy she had to raise. Oh, and she's still raising an 11 year old of her own and 5 grandkids that ALL live within a four mile radius of her. (which we love!)

-The woman doesn't complain. Really! House cleaners come over on a Monday, two hours later the grandkids come over...she never says a thing.

-She's the most positive person ever. I went through a stage where I hated life because I thought it was cool for some reason. This started at a young age. Like 7 years old. I remember coming home from something fun, like a birthday party. She would ask me how it was. I thought I'd earn cool points if I said "bad" so I told her exactly that. She then would ask me to tell her three PoSiTivE things that happened at that party. Amazing.

-She don't sweat the small stuff. So that glitter glue on your new leather ottoman that you weren't worried about Leslie...??? That was me. Well kind of. It was from arts and crafts day with the kids. She makes the house a home, and never gets upset when we make it an art studio.

Those are just a few small reasons why I love Leslie. I think the rest could probably be summed up within the lyrics to Kanye West's song, "Hey Mama"...

(Hey Mama), I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you
Let me tell you what I'm about to do, (Hey Mama)
I know I act a fool but, I promise you I'm goin back to school --we'll see--
I appreciate what you allowed for me
I just want you to be proud of me (Hey Mama)


  1. So true, so true. We love you mom. Jen, I love the picture of the house...it looks like a princess fairy tale cottage.

  2. p.s. we are totally going to follow your blog. Its so cute and entertaining!

  3. p.s. we are totally going to follow your blog. Its so cute and entertaining!

  4. p.s. we are totally going to follow your blog. Its so cute and entertaining!

  5. I was sleeping :[

    you are such a good friend

  6. i should probably tell you i look at your blog.
    your sister and my husband were friends in highschool, and i think at some point you were my visiting teacher...? (i just remember you had cute pants and pretty hair.)and i see your little sister and houston everyday.
    so. i am only kind of a stalker, because i figured i kind of know you.

    just wanted to say hi. so hi!