Obama 08'

This week I got to shake President Bush's hand. I even took a picture of George Washington! The elementary put on a presidential wax museum. The kids dressed up as a certain president and when the museum visitor pushed the button in front of the president, the president then told some fun facts about their life! So cute!

Jayne was President Bush. She did a really great job and looked amazing in her pant suit and riskay leather jacket. After all, Bush was a member of Skull and Bones at Yale.

I asked for Jayne in my mother's will. And Jayne only. I just want to be the closest thing to Jayne's parent I can be. Even if the closest thing to being her parent is through the emergency Patterson prepared plans. Leslie told me no. She says it's only because "I don't have a husband" but I like to think that my obsession and love for her compensates for my lack of a husband.

This week I went to fresh and easy. This week I picked up a bag of frozen chicken at fresh and easy. The bag was above my head. I picked it up. The bottom ripped. Frozen chicken went slipping and a slidin' down the frozen aisle at fresh and easy. It was amazing how fast they cleaned it up. I was still in shock, holding the frozen chicken-less plastic bag with a hole in the bottom of it when they were almost done cleaning. Then I acted fast! I snapped a picture. Notice the chicken juice from where the other 28 pieces of frozen chicken breast landed.

For those of you who are unaware, become aware. Girls scout cookies are back. Just in time to be the death of me. I run, they delete my runs. And I'm okay with that. So thank you to the girl scout who sold me 4 boxes yesterday. I'm a happy camper.

Look what I get to do in school! Screen printing!


  1. i don't understand why girl scouts never come to my door and ask if i wanna buy any cookies. I would buy them, really, I would. When I was a brownie I'd hit EVERY freaking house in the entire neighborhood. Maybe I don't have any in my neighborhood. Oh well, it's their loss (and mine).

  2. Jenna, I think this was an amazing post.

  3. I love that little black child! And I love Fresh and Easy, I remember while on HCG they knew me by name