This might have to last until the end of April

With the combination of no internet and 16 credit hours at BYU (don't let me fool you, two of those credits are private music lessons), blogging comes next to last on my list of "things I need to do", thus the reason for the lack of blogs. But as soon as school is over I can assure you I will jump back into the blogging world and keep you entertained with tales of summer adventures. Until then... enjoy the pictures and please tell me what major I should pick in order to graduate within the next two years.

The Moms came to visit Utah (the mall featured in the background)


  1. Jenna, didn't you get the message --that pic of me in the mom's group doesn't work for me. . . something is wrong with the chest area!

    I'll miss ya! Good luck with the studies.

  2. thanks for the update.
    next I want to hear about vanilla fro yo,
    tell the world what you've really been doing??? (spending extremely long hours watching the o.c.)
    stop pretending like your such a good student jenna gosh you're making me look bad.

  3. p.s. I heart phipps
    and yes i just said heart.

  4. This must have been right before I was pegged in the chest and had the wind knocked out of my pipes. I'm glad to see you updating again. Between the lack of posts and the absence of your face (due to increased library visits & my migranes) I thought you had died!

  5. Umm, that "mom" picture...are there even any moms in it? You all look the same age (22?) Remember when you came to my house? That was fun!

  6. i hear you play the cello, think of the possibilities. duo's? this could be us... http://www.bondmusic.net/gayyee_diary/

    think about it.