Jayne ain't so plain.

Congrats to Jayne who lost one of her last baby teeth in a starburst. Oddly enough, the tooth fairy didn't leave any pesos. She must not exist in Mexico.

The Patterson's can sure put in time on the beach, especially when activities consist in jelly-fish-free and waveless waters!

You can't beat being part of the Allen clan!


  1. haha you're family is AMAZING! Jaybe is my favorite, always has been. Sorry Jen, you're second in my book

  2. ooh, I keep forgetting to show Jacob these pics, he might cry, though. We missed every minute of the fun...boo hoo. Next year repeat?

  3. okay that picture of Jayne's tooth in the starburst is sick! It makes my stomach turn every time I look at it. I am sad we weren't there with you, though! See you soon.