Dustin loves tennis. Tennis doesn't love me. But in tennis, love means nothing!

During my time spent with Dustin, tennis has been brought up once or twice. Sometimes I hear about Dustin's amazing athletic abilities from others. Sometimes I hear about these abilities from him. I hear he is good at tennis. I saw him play tennis once, but I don't play tennis, so if you hit the ball against the racket, you're good at tennis to me.

{This picture displays how he is a natural born athlete. Notice all of the other boys peeking over the fence to look at Nadal. They are all around the age of 10. I tried unsuccessfully to get onto this fence. So I took a picture instead!}

One time, on Chinese New Year, (which somehow has turned out to be a pretty significant holiday this year) I was supposed to TiVo a very important match between Federer and someone else for Dustin to watch. He was SO thrilled I did this, because he has school and no TV and couldn't watch it. For a few days he even talked about how excited he was to watch this match which was to be TiVoed at my house.

I accidentally erased this match without knowing. I found out after he got to my house, sitting down in complete excitement to watch it. We turned the TiVo on, and the match went missing. "Oops! Sorry Dustin, I must have erased it by accident!" I felt really bad, and he wasn't even mad! In fact, it was later on that night that he surprised me with the DC ticket. Atta boy!

We tried a third time to mix those matches and me together. We went to Indian Wells, CA for a tennis tournament! While there, I had a minor undiagnosed sickness that left me moaning in the grass sweating through my clothes in the upper 70 degree weather. It lasted about 30 minutes. I was so sick there was no choice but to ask the doctor in training to come save me. You see, Dustin at the time was busy watching his favorite human, Roger Federer play tennis. Like a true gentleman, at a gentleman's sport, he was by my side in a flash. Such a great doctor already!

Although the road to my tennis teaching has been a little bumpy, I now, thanks to Dustin, know that tennis is not a game, but a match! Oh, and that you can't be loud during these "tennis matches". I was reminded of that quite a few times while in Indian Wells! Game, set, match!!!


  1. jenna. this has been my favorite blog entry of yours to date. its true, i have played dustin in tennis and he is QUITE the athlete.. even though he kept claiming "he was so out of shape" which was completely false. i'll start teaching you tennis so you can whoop him one day...

  2. You're so freakin cute! How did I not know you had a blog! I've seriously been laughing at loud. I love you!

  3. Jenna my love. I've missed you so. All of our journeys have been to different states unfortunately. Let's play, do lashes? I'm off tomorrow! I am constantly bragging about you and what a wonderful friend you are to me and what a good girlfriend you are to Dusty! I luh you!

  4. Jordan! me. you. tennis. ASAP!

  5. Nadia, that seriously was the nicest compliment. Thank ya! Now can we play fo real? Let's take Nevaeh out!