So I'm not a wedding photographer!

My pretty pregnant friend, Nicole (that is yet to wear maternity clothes at 6 months into her pregnancy) was kind enough to let me tag along on Courtney's bridal shoot in Utah a while back! Here is what I got:

(what's with the houses? I don't even know!)

Honestly, have you ever seen a cuter woman with child? Or beautiful bride? No. You have not.

Please pardon the bare feet, you can't get anywhere in heels! But I need you all to see her dress. She designed it herself!

31 REAL buttons (and minutes buttoning) later, she became a Grow! Love you Court!

Oh and don't worry, if you're confused about the picture above...her reception was at the beach, but there were no jellyfish involved. I just took this at the aquarium while I was visiting. SoCal does me sooo right.


  1. You did WAY good! I love your pictures!

  2. Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)