Tis the season to be jelly!

In an effort to become more like Martha (and Leslie), I decided to spend the day domesticating myself by canning peaches and making peach jam!

I feel like I have heard a zillion Moms complain about the woes of jamming. But for all of you who haven't had any canning experience and want to try, trust me, it's easy! And fun! I promise. Just make sure when you are pureeing the peaches that the blender has stopped all the way before you open the lid. Mushed up peaches resemble baby food, and it will end up on you. Gross!!! Especially when you don't realize it, and someone points it out, and you don't have babies to blame it on.

This was my first time in the canning world and I loved it! It makes you feel like you are being quite the health nut because you are taking those fresh picked peaches and making your own jam, where you put your own 7 1/2 cups of sugar in the mix. So I guess it isn't that healthy. Has anyone ever made sugar free/low sugar jam or jelly that ended up good? If so, what recipes did you use? Are there other fun things you all like to can besides fruits and jellies?

With canning love,


  1. Dear Jenna,
    I am writing to inform you that my mother made sugar free strawberry/pear and raspberry/pear jam and it was absolutely delicious. We still have some in the freezer if you'd like to partake and see if you want to make it. Also, I miss you and can't wait until i get my bike back from Utah and we can go for a stroll around the circle G's. Love you:)

  2. Amber,

    I want to be your mom! Really, she is amazing. What recipe did she use? Let's really bike soon. And until then, call me, I'm always up for a stroll around the block. Love you!