How I'm filling my days...

1. Finding Leslie's hidden Halloween candy stash (she still hides it and the only one that is ever home, should I be offended?), and eating my way to my next cavity.

2. Pretending this child, is my child.

3. Trying to figure out a way to convince Leslie and Don it's a good idea for me to drop out of school and work for Martha Stewart. I've yet to find Martha's e-mail address.

4. Preparing for the winter (it was 103 degrees yesterday?) = buying sweatpants that are way too short, like always, but they're waaaay too comfy to take back!

5. Trying to convince Dustin that dogs aren't a good idea. For obvious reasons. He still says he is replacing me as his screen saver for a golden (retriever that is). The nerve!

6. Oh, and Spending time in Sedona at Porsche shows (huh?)


  1. I love vintage porches, hate dogs, and love you! Oh and I spent Obama's unemployment on hoodies, scarves, and thermals yesterday. It's too bloody hot for any of it.

  2. That little girl is SO cute!! She looks so sweet and innocent! She is eating french fries and chicken nuggets in her crib right now:) So what is it with Roberts and big dogs? I've sworn to myself I won't end up with a huge dog, we'll see how persuasive John gets. I need these pics!

  3. Oh the sweats!!! I forgot to comment on the sweats!!! Are those the JCrew pit stop sweats? Sad! You really should blame John, blame him and his timed JCrew trips, JCrew shouldn't be timed and your sweats are our proof! But I'm not gonna lie I kinda like them short in the pic

  4. Yes, Anne. Those are the sweats that Dustin is convinced "are supposed to be that way". He's a doctor that knows everything so he's probably right, right? What is it with those Robert boys anyway? Knowing John and his lawyer skills, you'll probably end up with the biggest dog that exists. haha! I'll just tell Dustin to go visit.

  5. 1. Don't judge me this is my 2nd comment on your blog.
    2. Much to Scott's dismay, we are never owning a dog.
    3. Seeing your sweat pants picture reminds me that somebody else shares my pain of "Allen toes."