My "Fair" Lady

...Last night Dustin had a dream that he made a blog post about the fair, and that was the title he dreamt up. Thank you for doing the work for me D.

There are a lot of things I like about Dustin...

...the impeccable shopping he always does for me behind my back...(he picks out cuter things for me than I can pick out for myself. I'm not even kidding.)

(one of the many gifts I've received, picked out by Dustin himself)

...his love of shopping in general...(H&M visit the first week it opened, without me)

...the ability he has to talk me into ditching a whole week of classes to hang out with him while he was sick with what we are pretty sure was the swine flu, or the "swan flu" if you're Tamran...(Jamba runs, Last Chance Visits (I told you the boy loves to shop) and movie outings)

...the amount of times he is willing to check my forehead to see if I have a fever...(I think I have a fever a couple times a day, it's weird..)

...but one of the funnest things about him is his ability to take me on fun dates. Still! He always impresses me...

We went to the fair! We love fairs! So we wore our fair apparel, and ate fair corn dogs the size of Dustin's head (because his is bigger than mine)!

While walking around the fair grounds, we came across a sign that enticed us. It beckoned to us. Telling us that for a small price, we could view a pig that weighed 1,000 lbs. That's right folks, one ton! It was even advertised as being "alive"--the curiosity was killing us. We gave in and decided that coughing up $2.99 to see the giant pig alive and kickin' was well worth it. We also go to see a really big horse, a really small horse, a huge cow, and a normal sized alligator. Pretty amazing stuff. And the picture does not do the pig justice. I haven't seen many pigs in my life, and am no expert in these piggish matters, but trust me, it was HUGE!

I have never felt more Amuuuurican than when The National Anthem was sung at the beginning of the demolition derby, at the state fair, while sporting red boots, with a corn dog in my hand. God bless Amuuurica!

We even got to see Kelley Clarkson for her encore!

And we ended the night with a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

The Arizona State Fair...where all my wildest dreams come true.


  1. at the risk of really pissing you off, you two would look lovely in a carnival inspired engagement shoot. But I don't see that happening. I see a steoffry directed shoot in a forest sponsored by Jcrew and the lovely beauty and style that you two naturally posess.

  2. i'm pretty jealous right now of a few things.
    #1, i have never in my life been to a fair.

    #2, i had the swine flu and i was quarentined, not taken care of

    #3, i miss dating someone with better shopping taste than me. it was such a blessing!

  3. But it still doesn't beat the time we went for free to see my "art" and I had bleached hair. And we saw Beck and got ride tickets from old guys. And I drove the whole way home with my E brake on. And we drank Kroniks.

    Man we should have gotten arrested for being too awesome that night.

  4. I am jealous of your fun life right now. Your fun-ness inspires me (and the fact that you used a parenthesis inside of a parenthesis in your post).

  5. you forgot to mention that we used to dance at the AZ state fair!

    ...shuffle-ball change, shuffle-ball change,

  6. jenna
    your hair looks ammmazzzing.

  7. uhhh your hair is SOOO long! since when? i miss you

  8. i miss the state fair so much i don't think i have been since i was 12. it looks like you had a blast.

  9. thanks for the picture of the 1,000 pound pig!! i was intrigued as well but not willing to cough up the $2.99, now i can sleep at night.

  10. I need red boots. You guys are too cute. Ty does the same thing, picks out better things then I would. They are good boys

  11. YOU two are great. I love that you went to the fair and saw a disgusting large pig for $2.99. I would have saved the change and bought a funnel cake.
    Love the ferris wheel pics.

  12. Hmmm I'd much rather be fairing it in AZ right now.

  13. you make me sick. you are adorable jenna.

  14. Wow! I just had a Fair experience vicariously! Thanks for chronicling the fun adventure~ I miss you both! Hurry and come to Utah!!!

  15. Im just obsessed with your guys life and these phots and the fat pig....