I have the world's greatest friends, I really do. Last week in Utah Courtney and Kelsey threw me a shower so fabulous that we all decided Courtney needs to be a wedding planner. Turns out she listened to us, and has three weddings lined up this summer. She is seriously made to plan events, because she does an amazing job. Nicole took pictures for us, and they turned out so cute, because she is Nicole, and all she does is cute! I love them!

While there I got to see most of my Utah girlfriends: Katy, Katelin, Nicole, Nicole and Dash, Kelsey, Courtney, and Chelsea, the only person we were missing was Stacie :( ! But it was such a fun time. Especially our little after party when Nicole, Dash, Kelsey, Courtney, and I all went on a rampage to buy all of the girl scout cookies we could find. This happened twice, in one day.

Round one:

Round two:

All of my friends have been extremely helpful during all of this wedding stuff, and I am so lucky because the majority of them have already been through this step in their life and know what advice to give and how to help! I am even more lucky because all of them love me enough to travel 11 hours down from Utah to Arizona to come to my wedding. This means so much to me, I will be able to have the majority of my girlfriends in the temple with me when I get married, and the ones who aren't going to be in the temple will be waiting outside for me. That makes me sooo happy. I love them!

It was the funnest week ever. I got my dress made (which had it's ups and downs but ultimately a huge up!!!), we had a sleepover, and I got to spend sooo much time with Courtney and Wyatt! I owe my life (or my wedding dress) to Courtney, she helped me through the whole design process so much and at times it wasn't fun. Ask hermana ;)

During my week in Utah I got to stay with my future in-laws while I was in Utah and that was so fun, I really got lucky, I love my in laws so much!

Utah friends/fam, I am so excited to see you all in a few weeks. That means you too Mimers!

Oh and PS- Nicole had her sister in law make this of Dustin and I, and we love it! So I thought I should share it with you guys. She takes orders! Visit her website!


  1. That was the best week ever. In terms of wedding planning, I must admit that my title is co-florist but Annie and I are going to do our best to be of help to the brides. Too bad we didn't figure this out before you got engaged, huh?

  2. I'm sad I wasn't there :(

    It's probably for the best though. If I was there, there would more than likely be at least 3 girl scout cookie fixs per day.... making for a very unhappy dress fitting.

  3. Love this! but you forgot pictionary!... haha!only a few more weeks! I am so excited!

  4. this looks amazing! having creative friends is the best