Dishin' up some excitement!

After lots of searching and hours of torturous craig listing, we (by we, I mean Dustin) found a cute old house in Phoenix that we are so excited about. We get to move in this week! The house has amazing open shelving in the kitchen. My sisters bought me the cutest bowls and cups for my house. They're going to look amazing on our open shelves. Now I get to pick out plates! Is it weird that this makes me extremely excited? But how amazing will these look together?

The dinner wear my sisters bought:

(They also got me mini ones of these, perfect for an ice cream scoop)

Paired with these from Anthropologie (which I'm totally going to buy with our wedding money)

Amazing right?


  1. yup. amazing! so excited for you girl!!

  2. Looks like you're on the right track! I'm so glad Dustin found a place...your first home together! SO EXCITING!

  3. Getting stuff for my kitchen is my favorite thing too. I really like the ocean plates.

  4. Hey Jenna, my name is Hayley, I'm actually Dustins cousin (his dad and my mom are brother and sister.) I just came across your blog, it's so cute. you and dustin look perfect for each other! my blog is private but if you want to email me your email at rowan.hayley@gmail.com I'd love to add you. good luck with the wedding. the invitations were adorable.

  5. i thought you looked familiar.. jcrew anyone?