Happy 30th!

It's my Dustiny's 30th Birthday today! To celebrate, he gets to take another 9 hour doctors test all day long. But as soon as he gets home, we are gonna get the party started!

Dustin, here are a few reasons why you are amazzzzzing:

1. You work so hard that you fall asleep like this:

2. You are always playing pranks on me- sneaking in so quiet that I can't hear then scaring me, or hiding underneath the fireplace until I find you. How about the time you decided to put your picture up in our bathroom mirror? Charming man!

3. You seriously have given me more support than I have ever gotten in my life! You believe that I can do whatever I want. Which is really good for my self-esteem :)

4. Even though you're such a hard worker, you play just as hard with me. And I'm obsessed with that.

5. You pet strangers dogs because you love dogs so much. Even on our honeymoon, in New York, you just couldn't stay away.

6. You're seriously the most cheerful and happy person, you're such a motivator for me to become more like that.

7. There is nobody I laugh harder with. End of story.

8. You're very strong and super handsome.

9. You're pretty smart, I guess.

10. You are super nice about me taking lots o pics on vacations, like I said, supportive!

11. When we go swimming you make me watch you do different flips and tell me the names of each of them and what you're doing- "360 with a backflip!!!" You're such a boy.

12. You love your families more than anything in the whole wide world.

13. You love Beyonce and Jay-z almost as much as I do.

14. You don't complain that I still don't cook, even after I bought pans and don't have an excuse anymore.

15. You love life, and I love that.

I love you so much Dustin, I'm so thankful for you. Happiest birthday! And like Brinley says, "you're not that old..." Love you Boo!

PS: Our wedding was featured on THIS blog today. Check it!

Here are a few of my fav. moments on our honeymoon, they make me LOL:

Dustinys Child from Jenna Patterson on Vimeo.


  1. The best post!!! Miss you both terribly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite son born in June!!!
    Love you, T-? (ya, whatever you choose to add on)

  2. haha I love that he did a little narrative to pass you on the bikes!!

  3. i seriously love your comment about cooking. i'm the same way :)

    you two are THE most amazing couple EVER. your adventures & pictures & videos are so great! that'll be SO much more fun to look back on years down the road!

  4. Happy Birthday little brother. I just love you to pieces!

  5. Jayne and I loved the video! ha.

  6. - and you're LDS, so are we!

    hope it's cool that I came across your blog