Happy One Year To The Grows!

Last weekend Dustin and I took off to Vegas to celebrate the Grow's first anniversary. The list of activities included: all four of us tanning at Caesars Palace, staying in super modern rooms (upgrade!), buying a $20 pina colada drink at the pool, shopping, seeing Le Reve- which was outrageous (circus freaks I tell you!), and some fancy dining (because Courtney wouldn't have it any other way!)

It was so fun to spend some time with some of our closest friends who live waaaay too far away from us. Here's to you Courtney and Wyatt! We love you!


  1. how fun!

    is that purse from HK?

    dustin looks way too relaxed in that hotel room.

  2. so fun!

    Umm...am I going to see your cute face at Chelsea's wedding?! Please?