Eastern Market

On Saturday morning we all woke up extra early to eat breakfast at The Eastern Market in DC. It was the most beautiful morning, and we had some delicious blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

We didn't have a ton of time to walk around the market because we had to get back for conference, but I am already planning on going back another Saturday.

The next trip I make I am planning on spending more time walking around, and maybe next time I will even buy some of those amazing flowers (which I didn't even edit-those colors are straight out of camera)! I had never seen those flowers before but the old man who was selling them told me they were called Celosia- aren't they so cool?

This dog was standing waiting perfectly for us to walk by and take his picture.

Eden kept saying "this is my house" each time we walked by one of the amazing houses in that area- good taste and so young!


  1. Wow! I want to come visit too! Those flowers are too colorful to be real. I just read your post about the camera. Such a nice husband, I'm glad you have it so we can all enjoy your trip too...loves

  2. So sad I missed it:( BOO GUSTAVO!!