National Gallery

Last week Dustin and I got to spend the day together visiting the National Gallery of Art for a few hours. We decided to hit up the east wing (the modern side) because we are hip and young, right?

On display right now is an Arcimboldo exhibit, which is normally in Vienna, I believe. Pretty cool stuff. There is also a brand new sculpture there of one of Arcimboldo's paintings (his Winter painting), it was probably my favorite thing there. So fantastic, and so enormous! I love stuff like this:

Also on display were some works of Munch. Perfectly spooky and dark for October and Halloween!

(D admiring some Chuck Close)

While we were there a man admitted that he snuck pictures of us, and then sent them to us. Isn't that nice of him?

Later that night we got to see Sabrina Fair at Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln got shot. The playwas pretty cute and way fun being in such a historical spot.

The box he was shot in- after John Wilkes Booth shot him, he jumped from this balcony and hurt his foot shouting "death to tyrants" (in Latin)--at first people thought it was part of the play. Isn't that crazy?

Last but definitely not least, thank you ALL so much for each and every one of your nice comments about my Rainy Day video, I really honestly appreciate it and love reading what everyone has to say.


  1. you guys are giving DC a run for their style.

    and that Chuck Close painting is really neat.

  2. i love that some random man snuck pictures. and love even more that he admitted it and sent them to you!

  3. that art is amazing! i'm so jealous! i love the video, the flowers, the picture of john (we never see him!)the lincoln trivia! i'm glad you guys are taking advantage of your time out there, looks like fun:)

  4. and i love that that guy took your picture and then admitted it and sent it to you. love it!

  5. Wow, serious history...so crazy you got to see it!