So Long D.C.

Our days in D.C. have come to an end (unfortunately). I love it here. I want to pick up everyone I love and move them to Georgetown with me. Dustin's interview at Georgetown went really well, and I had so much fun the last two days getting on the metro and exploring D.C. all by my lonesome (there is something that is pretty fun about going to museums alone).

Here are some pictures from the month:

This house in Georgetown is so fun and festive! I love the pumpkins and squash lining the doorway.

Georgetown looks like it could be Hogwarts.

Eden LOVES Georgetown Cupcake.

Laying in the field on a Sunday photoshoot.

Eden hanging upside-down from Uncle Dustin.


  1. I'm glad you had fun! I think DC is so great. And I especially like going to museums by myself :)

  2. I hate good byes...and leaving things I love. Can we go there with you someday so you can be our tour guide?

  3. um, yes i will move there with you thanks for asking! What fun adventures you are having!

  4. You live in the room across the hall and I am commenting on your blog..:) I can't express how much I will miss you!

  5. stranger danger here, sorry, but your hair color is the most beautiful thing ever! i must color my hair that color! it is amazing...

  6. oh, i'm so jealous you got to be in d.c. for a month. what a great experience. it sounds like you soaked up as much as you could....good for you! it'll be fun to see you in utah:)