Goodbye, Ventura...

Last week I decided it was time for me to up and leave Ventura. This year is the first year away from my family for Christmas, so I thought it would be a great excuse to hang out with them a few weeks before Christmas as well as catch up on some work (a.k.a. sewing, video editing, playing with babies). Plus, visiting museums alone wasn't much fun....

Exhibit A:

Leaving Dusty was tough, even though he has been working like crazy over there. We are meeting up in Utah this weekend for Christmas with the Robert side and I couldn't be more excited. I miss my boo thang.

While we were in Ventura, we got a chance to have a cold visit to the beach. And while traveling around has been really fun and given us a chance to see so many different places, and meet so many great people, I'm so excited to come back to Phoenix and enjoy staying in one place until June, when Dustin graduates. Oh, it feels good to be (almost) home!!!

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  1. you always have the most gorgeous photos!! your hair is stunning!! & that pic of your hubs at the beach- should win an award. so cool.