Utah, The Greatest Snow On Earth!

Yesterday, Dustin and I woke up to a winter wonderland here in Utah. We decided to take advantage of it and shoot a holiday video (I'll post it shortly), while we were there we took some snowy pictures. There was TONS of snow. A total white out. Amazing!

We may have gotten stuck in the snow...

It's almost up to my knees!


  1. Im confused. Was that a Jcrew ad? Or a cute couple stuck in the snow??

  2. I look at your blog sometimes! I grew up neighbors to Dustin and Erin--I HAVE to comment even though I don't know you!!!

    You look like you came from a JCREW photo shoot- both picture perfect!!! You are a talented photographer!

    Im glad that Dustin is so happy with a cute girl! Merry Christmas!

  3. beautiful! i really want to drive a few hours and see some snow over the holiday break.

    can't wait for the video.

  4. the snow looks great!
    i'm sure it was freezing cold, but try to appreciate it for the holidays.
    we would kill (not really) for a white christmas