The other day, it was really nice outside, so we all (my sisters, their kids, and my mom) decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo.

Most of the group

A few of the kiddos may have missed school due to "zoo-itis" (it's extremely rare, don't worry) but hey, you only live once! I don't really even remember seeing any animals because I was distracted by my cute little niece Annie who is visiting from Utah.

When Annie is around, I seem to miss events going on around me. She is the funniest kid- I haven't gotten her to smile at me once (she is a very serious child). But she doesn't really cry either. She just sits there semi-content on my lap and pinches me while she lets me smooch her cheeks. And I love it!

Me and my girl Annie

After the zoo, we celebrated Hermana's (Jessica's) birthday in style!

Dustin, Me, and The Hermana

(I think this is the closest thing to a smile I have gotten out of her)

Well, we are off to San Diego for a "second look" at the residency program with UCSD. Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. oh my goodness.. i love everything about this post. thank you for making me feel like i was there- not even sarcasm. i miss you all! happy birthday hermana

  2. I got zoo-itis once as a kid. And mall-itis. and just-over-it-itis, and look how great I turned out!

    SAN DIEGO! SAN DIEGO! (that's said in a chant.)

  3. sounds like someone has baby-itis!!!!!! Happy Birthday jessica!

  4. i miss the zoo! when i was a nanny i took the kids at least 2 times a week... maybe i just miss arizona. (likely)

  5. i love the zoo. and your top.

    also, i'm pretty sure your sister jessica was in my singles ward years ago (i was only in it for a few months)!

  6. Zoo days are the best days...along with jessbabe's birthdays (only because of the peanut hunts in the backyard).

  7. Where is your engagement ring from? I love the style!