Dustin's Bday and Cousin Cam Gets Married!

I hate to lump these two very important events together, but I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway.

Last week Dustin turned 31! He had a long day at work but luckily he got off early enough to come home and party.

I made him a pie, stuck a sparkler in it, and sung him happy birthday. He also got some new kicks and delish Communal dinner c/o his parents.

Another huge event happened that very weekend. Cousin Cam got married! My cousin cam and I have been buds as long as I remember. In high school I think that's when we finally realized we were more alike than we had ever known before (I liked my girlfriends, he kissed my girlfriends, that kinda stuff).

Then we both went to BYU, and he kissed my roommates (sorry Kari). We became close through those years, and those mornings I would find him crashed on my family room couch in college (just kidding).

Anyway, I love Cam to death, and he finally decided to settle down with a girl after much looking, and got married to a cutie named Kari.

Kari not only happens to be an unbelievable runner (like seriously guys, you can google her). But she also is such a rad, fun, perfect girl for Cam. I am so glad they found each other.

I was lucky enough to go down to AZ for the festivities. Stacie and I went to the reception together. She picked me up from my parents house in her car, and lo and behold, we were accidentally matching, like the olden golden days when we went to high school together (matching each other, but not matching ourselves, might I add). It warmed my heart a little.

I don't think we realized we were matching, until someone asked us if we were bridesmaids at the wedding. #matchingfail!


  1. dustin's shoes are really awesome. and you & stacie with the matching outfits? i love it.

  2. Seriously just passes out!!! Hahaha! I thought you were talking about Cameron Robert!!! That is funny!!! Love the birthday sign you talented sweet tart you!

  3. so cute! love your birthday sign! you always decorate so cute! glad to see you living in utah now! lets play soon please!

  4. haha lex and i wore the exact same skirts to a reception a few weeks ago and other people took pics of us cuz they thought it was funny/thought we were maids. ROFL.

  5. great pics! i want some shoes like dustin's as well!

  6. Your hubs shoes are amazing. If I were a man...I'd put those on as soon as possible!

    You and Dustin have quite the most adorable style. SO stylin'!

  7. What an adorable birthday!! Love the decorations!

  8. i love his shoes waaay cool! and the matching outfits seriously so darling!! <3

  9. Unrelated stranger comment:
    I've been at uvrmc all weekend visiting a nicu baby. I saw dustin today in the cafe and said to my people, "hey, I know that guy in the specs. Wait. No I don't. But I read his wife's blog..."
    The non-bloggers at the table didn't understand how I could "know" a guy through the web world.