Hiking waterfalls and an Ash Cloud (Part 3)

Continuing with our Iceland trip, at this rate, I may be done blogging our Iceland trip by Christmas!

On day four:
Dustin and I saw a few waterfalls, I don't know if I have mentioned this already, but Iceland has a TON of waterfalls, it seriously gives Hawaii a run for it's money with all of the lush green areas and numerous waterfalls.

We started the day right by hiking up Seljalandsfoss which was as green and majestic as you could ever imagine.

Loving the green scene.

We hiked up the mountainside of the waterfall, and were able to go around and behind the actual waterfall without getting wet (besides the spray off of it, hence the rain slickers). It was a pretty slippery short hike with no rails, typical Iceland style, but it was really awesome to be right behind the waterfall.

Dustin hiking up the side of the waterfall, please notice how slippery it looks and the lack of railing or caution signs. Iceland is awesome.
Behind the waterfall.

We only took my iPhone on the hike because I figured it would be cheaper than losing my real camera if it got wet/if we fell into the waterfall (seriously), so I apologize for the low quality pics.

Post waterfall hike. I had to document how soaked I got from the spray.

After that we drove to the next destination, which happened to be another beautiful and majestic waterfall called Skogafoss. But this time there were stairs, and even some rails! We ended up above the waterfall on our hike, instead of behind it. Which obviously meant great views.

Standing far away at Skogafoss, pretty, right?

At the top of Skogafoss.

Next up were the basalt cliffs and Dyrholaey. The basalt cliffs were incredible. Probably one of my favorite sights in Iceland. They are just so smooth and easy to walk on-they're natural stairs! I just think they are absolutely gorgeous.

Walking on the basalt cliffs.

Dustin skipping rocks by Dyrholey.

Basalt cliff cave.


The next place we went, was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my entire life. It was a little rough to get there in our little car, we had to do some off roading, but it was so worth it.

Fjadrargljufur is the most amazing grass covered canyon where I'm pretty sure I had a few heart attacks due to the sheer cliffs and my husband's sheer bravery (or stupidity depending on who you're talking to) getting so close to the edges of those cliffs. Seriously, I never knew how scared I was of cliffs until this moment. No rails, and HUGE drops.

Dustin at the edge of one of the cliffs.

At the bottom of the cliffs.

After the cliffs we were off to Jokulsarlon Lagoon, which was a little drive. While driving we noticed a scary looking cloud in the distance, and we were quickly approaching it, but we didn't think a ton about it, until it was too late to turn back.

The scary cloud.

Turns out the black cloud was an ash cloud, from the recent volcano that had gone off. Mix that with wind and the layer of ash on lava fields, and it turned into a real crazy dust-like storm that was pretty hard to drive in. After about 30 minutes of that we were out of the storm! We quickly peeked at the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon and the beach close by, and were ready to call it a night. And as we were driving to find a place to crash, we saw this awesome book building and snapped a few pics.

The lagoon. Are those not the prettiest hues of blue you've ever seen?

Glacier break off on the beach.


  1. you guys are too much fun. this.is so gorgeous it seems fake. hows the new place and residency?

  2. my husband and i are DYING over these photos.

    the beauty there is insane.

  3. this trip just gets better and better! i love the pictures - it looks amazing!

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  5. This is the MOST amazing scenery I've ever set my eyes on! What makes those glaciers blue? And, the basalt cliffs? Incredible! Wow -- thanks so much for taking the time to share. So fantastic!!!

  6. Those basalt cliffs look like something from a painting. I love them! Did you take any videos? I'm dying to see one.

  7. These are such amazing photos. I am so glad you had so much fun! I am trying to decide which one to photoshop his graduation from Medical School Certifictate onto and call it "Graduation"! : > xoxo

  8. how cute are you in your little pink boots!

  9. These are the COOLEST! I have to go there! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    i know.
    you and dusty are very influential. also, i want hunter boots.