Love Lockdown

Valentines always seems to be a success around the Robert household, even with this year being a little more hectic than previous years. This is all thanks to Dustin.

Dustin had a half day at work and I had school in the afternoon. He got home before me, and made the entry of our house all sorts of romantic as a surprise. I walked in to flowers and a blown up picture of us with presents laid out to be opened. What a guy. He later told me he bought the flowers the day before because he wanted to have better pickings, put them in a vase, then hid them in the attic so I wouldn't find them. ha! I love that one. He even did the arranging of the flowers by himself. He did a really great job. Doctor turned florist?


(Dustin's flower arrangement, I had to document it. Not bad eh?)

 Dustin made reservations at the Foundry Grill up at Sundance, going to Sundance is always a treat. Sundance is beautiful all throughout the year, and luckily for us we had an early dinner so we got to take in the scenic area before it got dark. We ate dinner at a table for two and got a kick out of the other couples around us. Let me just say this, the man next to us brought multiple jewelry boxes for his date and she opened them one by one and finally asked, "is this from Jared"? I kid you not. It was all I could have hoped for and more as far as entertainment value goes.

We got home, and exchanged cards and gifts and spent the rest of the night in each other's arms. Just kidding, kind of.

It was really the prefect Valentine's day, complete with a handmade heart shaped origami card from Dustin. May I remind you of his past years cards? He's incredible, that one. I know, I'm a pretty lucky girl. He really is the greatest, and I love him with all of my corazon. (past cards/valentine's: here and here)

(Origami card)

Oh did I mention he also painted my office that was the worst hue of yellow ever (I hated it so much)  to the prettiest shade of grey as one of my v-day presents? Winner! Nothing wins me over faster than a man who is willing to do things I am too lazy to do (and complain about). And it was a complete surprise. I came home to a painted office. It doesn't get better  than that. 

In other news, (since I don't update much I figure I'd attach more of my life to this post), I'm loving the design program, and feel like I am learning a ton. The projects are really enjoyable, and I'm still so excited to be in the program. I'm just loving life. Here's some of my latest work:

1. My sister's wedding invitations, Natalie Norton took the photo:

2. Letter pressed some business cards:

3. Hand lettering typography project:

4. Found type typography project (hand-bound into a book might I add ;)-I photographed all of my father in law's tools and edited them then made them into an ABC book. I somehow managed to find every letter.

Here are a few pages from within:

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's day!


  1. i'm so jealous of your dreamy new office!!! makes me want to move (:

  2. you guys are the cutest! keep living the dream :)

  3. 2 things...you married a winner and I am obsessed with that yellow dresser/lamp...i want.

  4. i love your valentines story and all of your graphic art. joe bought me flowers once for v-day and to hide them from me, he kept them outside over night! when he gave them to me he didn't even realize that they were frozen! i'm glad dustin uses his head!

  5. Ok, you guys are officially the cutest couple ever. And I love your office!!


  6. OMG! (a common acronym floating around). SOOO CUTE! Gosh I just love you guys and wish you could move to us....