Istanbul Part Two

More photos from my istanbul trip this past November.

In front of the Blue Mosque (aka Sultan Ahmed Mosque)
An outside view of Hagia Sophia
inside pretty Hagia Sophia
The courtyard between Hagia and The Blue Mosque (which are right next to each other)

morgan and krystal
Me, Morgan, Krystal outside of The Blue Mosque
Inside the Blue Mosque. I have never seen anything more ornate and beautiful in my life. 
Looking up inside the Blue Mosque
Shoes were taken off, and heads were covered upon entrance to the Blue Mosque. I love an authentic experience when traveling ;)

Later in the trip Morgan and I stayed on the European side of Istanbul (there is a Europe and an Asian side). Morgan found a cool hotel and booked it for us, and it happened to be a stones throw away from a Shake Shack. We were really surprised when we saw shake shack in Turkey, and weren't ashamed to eat there twice.

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