...she has no idea what she's doin' in college...

*Violin Update*
So I go prepared to my last lesson, and me and my teacher start talking, and start making all these connections of people we know. Turns out we had the best conversation about his life views, and decided to not "let our schooling get in the way of our education" and talk instead. We're pretty good friends now, in fact, he invited me to go to Step up 2 interactive (meaning you dance in the theatre when they dance) last night. Violin lessons were the best idea ever.


  1. U guys were so mean 2 me that day 4 the hole laundray thing. Wait- ur meen 2 me evryday, eech day getting progressively meener. I've had it!

    I will not steal you any more toilet paper, I will not give Courtney any more rides, I will not create congrats posters, and I will most DEFINETELY not be elbowing anymore PF cups into your purse. Everything I do is so unappreciated.

  2. I'm so embarrassed.
    could I look any fatter or uglier???
    42000000 wooooooooo

  3. oh ha oops this is kelsey. not my mother

  4. hahah I saw your aunt and her kids at the clubhouse as they attended swimming lessons. I watched in awe as she was so patient and loving. I watched other parents nearly drown their crying kids out of frustration. She's amazing.