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College life part II:

College life has been interesting, every rumor you hear about seems like it is an exaggeration, like the freshman 15. I can promise you it is true. I think my college life has taken a toll on my body. My caffine/ice cream consumption has been higher in this past four months of my life than probably my entire life combined. I go to bed at hours Leslie would never approve of, and wear the same outfit everyday, changing one thing each day so I can pretend it is different...

Contrary to my views on life, I found out that putting dish soap into the dishwasher really DOES make this happen-it doesn't just happen on movies.

Our college life consists of eating out for every meal, or choosing from our fridge filled with half & half cream, pickles, or jelly.

Ever since Nicole has moved out, somehow the cleanliness of our home as gone significantly downhill, the mail doesn't even make it to the table, hence, it is on the floor:

Closets are jammed full of clothes, and then what doesn't fit, gets pilled high on top of the thing closest to the closet, in this case, the ironing board:

I love college life. Wish us luck in finals, hopefully none of us will end up on academic probation.


  1. oh gosh........ you girls are adorable, but indeed you need a nicole. or a maid!
    like you! bye.

  2. I made every single bed in our house this morning!

    And non-Geoffy mail doesn't deserve to rest on the countertops.

  3. Nicole the clean one? weird.

  4. Good luck on your finals, Jenna! Chelsea tells me going on a mission has made her neat, clean, AND organized! Who KNEW??? I guess I should have gone on one myself.
    You lived with her...do you believe this statement of hers? Don't tell her I said this...she'll be so offended!

  5. hahaha this cracked me up.

    PS you and stace forced me to get a blog and threaten me if I don't post...

    but you never comment?

  6. I won't believe it until I see it Shelly.

  7. No big deal just start moving that garbage out onto the lawn.

  8. Mmm-hmmm. I'm thinking the same thing...

  9. Good idea Lace-face. You are now linked.