Stacie's latest and greatest post on 425 E Center Street

We miss Nicole horribly, however she is on to bigger and better things in life. Congratulations! We miss and love you!

On a lighter note, Wyatt needs to leave his keys for "Stenna"

And Jenna needs to stop doing this to the dish cleaner thing.

And this woman needs to stop walking by our house..

And Stacie finally got a job!

And Kelsey is getting very thin thanks to our "Anorexic April".


  1. that lady that walks by your house looks creepy.

  2. ANOREXIC APRIL? No one decided to tell me??

    Ya I can no longer afford lifetime fitness.. what can I afford you ask??

    A used yoga dvd I found in San Diego for 6.95. Yes, I do it religiously.

  3. i really like your provo house. if i ever come back for a visit i'll have to stop by and we can make hot chocolate or something. i hear you can still drink it there.

  4. Jenna,
    I like you a whole lot.
    Love, Molls

  5. White, Stacie A. "Stat on the Frat". 2 April 2008. http:www.eastcenterstreet.com>.

    I knew I should have watermarked it.

  6. I can't believe anorexic april is for real!
    You guys are hilarious.

  7. Sexy scooter...is that a Grows perhaps?

  8. I apologize for the very late reply...you may have already made plans, but here is my advice anyway...I have been to both South American and Europe and although I loved both....I might choose Europe! Either way I fully endorse world travel so I am excited for you. We flew into London as well but we got round trip tickets for $600 so I would keep looking. Round trips seem to be cheaper and the cheapest flights were usually out of London so we made our way back. Look for special deals though, you might get lucky. We went to GReece which I highly suggest doing but we did no make it to Sweden or Finland. Sad, but we were on a tight budget and these places were expensive. Despite the budget, we went to 12 different countries and I don't feel as if we missed a thing. Switzerland, Greece, and the Czech Republic were probably my favorite countries. I could talk for hours and seeing as this is already the longest blog comment ever, call me if you girls have any more questions. Stace has my number. Give my love to Stace and Kels! xoxo