The OC

Although this summer did not allow me to end up in foreign countries kissing foreign men speaking foreign languages, it did let me go as far as the OC. And I'm not mad, because that is where Marrissa, Seth, Ryan, and the whole crew is from, oh and the Smarts.

(this is a picture of Greg using his homeopathic medicines, a laser in this case, to cure his throat of all illness)

That's right you SoCal born and breds, the Zonies came, crowded your beaches and swam in their t-shirts. More specifically we crowded your theme parks, which are highly overrated.

Six Flags people, X-2, the newest thrill ride they have to offer led me to a six hour line. Jamie jumped ship, and because I was with all of her friends I did too. Six flags made me wait in another line, so at this point I had been waiting in lines for 2 hours with out riding any thrill rides in the dead of the heat. I passed out. That's right, fell down, before I even made it to a ride, in line. But don't worry, I gave myself the liberty of getting a handicapped pass after that, meaning waiting in lines was no longer happening.

Pre six flags (hoping to blend):

Las Chicas a la six flags:

At the San Diego Zoo there is a particular crowd with a particular taste for panda bears. These pandas get more respect than the average person, for sure. You wait in line for them, turn off your cell phones while walking through their exhibit, and use whisper voices.

Jayne is thrilled 'cause she loves pandas:

I'm thrilled because I love Jayne:

My new ride found: Luney tunes decals, artistic paint job, handicapped sticker, and personalized license plate and all.

Oh and Ode to pink berry, for being good enough to make me and Lindsay go back for a second, a LARGE second, in one sitting. And thanks to Lindsay for doing it with me. The peace sign is really a #2 sign, for my second pink berry. Don't be confused!

Thanks Don and Les for funding another good one!

Auntie Jayne:


Until next year...


  1. Jenna just a little FYI; there is no need to go all the way to SoCal to hang with the smart's. It just so happens that yours truly donned the surname Smart before I became a Brown and trust me Dave Smart(my father) is always a guaranteed good time and he happens to be right in your backyard!

  2. You're right, I hear the other Smarts are a really amazing time. I'll probably stick with AZ.

  3. Good times. You forgot to mention all the time hanging out with your favorite oldest sister. Love you!

  4. Hi friend. I wanna invite you and Kelsey to my baby shower in a few weeks. Can I have your address?

  5. i really enjoyed the pictures of all you four in that car driving. meechs face are pretty good.