Greg is so Smart, at least smarter than me

Greg Smart: Fourty year old woman's dream come true. Previous Surf instructor, served a full time mission to the little island of Tonga, and wears BOTH garments (even during summer months), mistaken often for Patrick Dempsy aka McDreamy. Runs triathlons, trains for marathons, avid outdoorsman.

So what? The jobs I have taken in my life are few and far between, and yes, these jobs might end quicker than the average engagement time in Provo, Utah, but that doesn't mean I am not a hard worker, or less qualified than Greg Smart. Am I right? Yes the two ACTUAL jobs I have gotten have been "hook-ups" but that just makes them that much harder to quit.

So I did it! I found a job at the LRC at the BYU Provo Library, applied for it. (I told Greg about this WAY before he thought about applying). They wanted to interview me. First interview EVER. I was freaking out, didn't know what to expect, and had a minor nervous break down pre interview. Regardless, I walked into that interview calm, cool, and collected.

There were three people there interviewing me for that job. Greg wished me luck before I went in, he knew I was wanting this job. I played their stupid game, I answered all of their questions, jumped through their hoops. I acted interesting, I even acted like I was a really hard worker.

Greg interviewed for the same job. He got the job. I got this:

Dear Jenna,

We appreciated the chance to meet with you and review your application. We have offered the job to another candidate whose qualifications more exactly fit our needs.

Student jobs become available frequently at the library and we encourage you to keep watching the student employment website. Good luck with your job search!
-Name withheld

I love how the internet makes dirty work so much cleaner. I also love how Greg stole my job. Greg, I'm sure that your surf instructing job that you had in high school really helps you out with the LRC's needs. Now find me a job!

With so much love,


PS: Remember this??? I liked you more when you didn't have my job.

(Oh and break a leg in your triathlon tomorrow)


  1. oh damn, poor boy doesn't know what he's in for.

  2. second interview- you were in a group interview at hollister and you told them you really like to ride your beach cruiser, member?

    yogurberry today!!!


  3. What a jerk. You deserved that job, Jenna. So...do you think he'd like Chelsea? Tell him she comes home in January. Wait....Chelsea probably already know him. Who DOESN'T Chelsea know?

  4. Jenna. You make me laugh so hard. What the hell. Seriously.

  5. i think steve and i are coming for "conference" in october. you and ty goin steady? fornicatin?

  6. Really, work on your life, it's going.......JOKES!

  7. was it a chica who interviewed?
    probably wanted to learn to surf