Welcome to Provo, where the world is our campus?

Kelsey and I have a new house. Courtney is moving to Ukraine, I don't know. Don't ask. We're sad. Although we ARE THRILLED about our new Zonie roommates, we will likely be hanging the AZ flag outside of our house.

Here's for you Michelle and Aubree:

This view is outside of my window. The Y is so accessible, trust me, it doesn't help you get around to using it...

Here is our kitchen, where hello kitty (in the Japanese way, not the Paris Hilton way) toast can be made in abundance!!!

Now go ahead girls, change those facebook profiles to the Provo network. Because you're not going back!!!



  1. so you didn't move? I'm confused. You are still in the same place but new stuff on the walls. I think you just need a big sheet to cover the bed and the couch, a cute print. just hide it.
    How are things? xoxo

  2. you're funny, and I'm jealous, and I love you. This made me oddly sad actually. Miss you... come back.

  3. So cute...house warmning party? Okay okay maybe not a party, but at least invite me over!

  4. ps I got you that bird cage! yay, I'm glad you liked it.

  5. I love you and miss you nadz

  6. Yenna! Darling room. Invite me when you invite Chuntz. Thanks!

  7. Fun!! I think that we should be roommates!

  8. jennnaaa!!! I really like your hair that color, such a pretty girl.