You just can't say no to the joe bros

I'm burnin' up, burnin' up for them bay-bay!!!

Three tickets to THEE Jonas brothers? I consider this to be a GREAT investment during these troubled times! See you August 11th Nick!!!


  1. I am SO PLEASED right now, SO PLEASED.

  2. "You're cuuuute, I'm hooot!" those are the only lyrics I know, but I also think those are the only ones I need to.

  3. yes, i am so happy for this. you forgot to mention that mom is going.

    p.s. why do i have a weird squiggly line by my name? it's not very chilean if you ask me.

  4. ha! Stacie, I now know what you are talking about. It's..."I'm hot, you're cold"... close though!

  5. dangit girl! I had a good thing goin' on. you know me and my lyrics though.

    "hold me closer tony danza!"

    PS- we have to have a pre-practice for softball. I haven't threw a ball for a while.