Nevaeh, like heaven, but backwards!!!

Dear Nevaeh,

Thank you for being our real live barbie doll and making life more exciting for a number of weeks.

We are going to miss knocking on Krispie Kreme's window, after hours, in order to talk them into letting us have free doughnuts...after they had already closed...all while standing in the drive through. We could have never gotten that doughnut without your cute face.

We will miss secretly buying you sodas from QT and disposing of the evidence before your mother could see.

We will miss listening to "diva" by Beyonce over and over and over and doing "stick ups" in the air for them bags of that money.

Thank you for letting us dress you, for letting us do your hair.

We will miss you telling us what we should wear without us ever asking your opinion on the matter.

We will miss you calling us out on wearing an outfit two days in a row.

We will miss talking about how you think Edward is "soooo cute", then you telling us our real live men are only "kinda cute".

We will miss saying "hey girl" back to you, and just mostly everything about you.

WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!! Come visit soon!!! (and thank you Tamran for making this all possible)

With love,

Your girls


  1. holy cow. as i scrolled down the post i thought this little girl had passed away! then you said, come visit us soon. Im so glad I was mistaken. she is too cute!

  2. How cute is this little girl?! How bad do I miss you!

  3. She is seriously the cutest and the funnest!

    I miss you to Lisa, now come visit me!!!

  4. haha she is so funny! i miss her already!