Flashback: Spring break in pictures!!! Park City, Utah

Hermana was the craziest driver, as you can tell.

So for some reason I was under the impression that the face protection plastic on my helmet was reflective. I was wrong, you can see my face! HA!

Jayne scammed her way into making me count her money for her. She told me she would pay me two dollars to do this. I decided to take advantage of my more developed brains (and my little sister) and agree to the trade off. Karma came around when that little darling changed her mind AFTER I had already done the dirty work, and told her how much money she had. She handed me two pennies instead and declared that she had "changed her mind" ahaha JAYNE!


  1. haha I am starting girls night back up! Dont you worry! NEXT week 100% with out a doubt we are doing girls night. Its either going to be bowling or movies. So plan on it next week! Ill let you know the day soon as I see which one works best for everyone!

  2. I didn't hear about the money counting story till now. Go Jayne! haha.

  3. Why does mom look like such a teenager in your picture? And why wasn't I blessed with her tiny genes? Love your stories!