Courtney is all Grow'd up

(Courtney at a dress fitting, she was my model for the day)

One of my beautiful blonde bombshell friends is getting married! I know I've already given her a shout out, but I think she deserves a second one, because her engagement pictures are taken, and they are amazing! And that was probably a run-on sentence.

How cute are they?! The best part about all of this is that her engagements are taken by another one of my amazing friends, Nicole Carman. She isn't really Nicole Carman anymore, but Nicole Christensen. Either way- she is taking great pictures! So check her out!


  1. she has always been so beautiful! They will make some gorgeous babies!

  2. her husband bears a striking resemblance to steve nash??

  3. These pictures are gorgeous. Stunning. I am so happy they are getting married! Yeah for marriage!