He was a sk8r boi...

Last week I decided to act like a fearless photographer and go to the local skate park. By myself. To take pictures of underage babes that I didn't know.

I walked into the park, and felt a little bit strange taking pictures of little boys without asking. But soon, they caught onto what I was doing. They went bigger! They got higher! They even flexed their muscles, posed, and did tricks for my camera! (I didn't ask them to flex their muscles, they did that on their own). Now we are all friends! I love these boys!

Happy really really REALLY late bday to my sister Julie! She's amazing!
-She served a mission on Temple Square
-She is the healthiest health nut I know, she not only is signed up for a program called bountiful baskets (where you get loads of organic fruits and veggies that you have never heard of), but she has a garden as well!
-She has three kids and does it all. Seriously. She is a nurse once a week, she runs almost everyday, her house is cute, she is cute, her children are cute, and after all of that she somehow finds time to paint her neighbors house out of pure neighborly love!
-She is an amazing sister, and I look up to her for all she's accomplished (BYU grad-nursing school?!?!)

Her offspring:

Oh, this means surprise in sign language...she teaches them when they are babies! ha!


Dear Jamie...and Jayne,

Please explain these pictures I just found in our iPhoto to me. Better yet, just come home from school and play with me.



  1. Those pictures are so cool. And that kids hair is cool. And it's just cool.

    What camera do you use?

  2. Jennagirl,

    I like your sister bday shout-outs. Those pictures are priceless. I hope you made friends with them enough to personally drop those prints off at their parent's homes. Maybe you could get publicity doing such a thing.

  3. that picture of jayne is priceless.

  4. first of all the fact you were total creeper status at the SK8 park is incredible...call me next time im sooo down bahaha

    second of all i have been wondering the exact same thing about that pic of kaitlyn and jaime and i think its emily but could be mistaken. Sometimes the things i over hear and find remind me of us and the crap we used to do...aka HANDCRAFTED!!! and if you recall (if you were with us...) STEALING ROTTEN GROCERIES FROM THE DUMPSTER BEHIND BASHAS, LOADING UP MY DADS TRUCK AND THEN CHUCKING THEM AT LITTLE KIDS AT HARKINS!!!!!!

    love you girl and miss you!!

  5. Jenna your posts make me laugh so hard. Your sister Julie sounds so amazing. Just like you! Leslie is like a Martha Stewart instructor. She makes beautiful children that also turn into Martha Stewart. Now keep those pictures AWAY from Tamran. She loves underage boys, especially ones with long hair, especially ones who have a "bad boy" appeal. Danger zone. The one with the long hair is SEXXYYY

    ps next time you go to the skate park, please invite me!

  6. You are one brave photographer, sk8er bois will break your heart!

  7. hahaha those boys are so cute! I agree with nadia, I want to come!

    ps where have you been for girls night woman!?

  8. Thanks for the bday love, jen! WIsh I was that person you described, maybe now that I am 30 I will be superwoman! That pic of Jayne? What a nut. Seriously, where does she come up with all of that?
    Those skater pics are sweet...

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  10. you crack me up. taking pictures of groms at the skate park. thank you.