Sew what, and a rock star

Look what I made! Not only a sexy face (to distract the viewers from my poor sewing skills), but an apron! If you are curious as to why I think I can get away with taking non-smiling pictures of myself in the mirror with my phone, I'm curious as to why I think I can as well. I can't. And it's not okay! My only excuse is that I sent this to Dustin. I send him a lot of pictures of myself on monumental occasions such as these. Like finishing an apron. Isn't he a lucky guy?!

A while back, a long while back, on Valentines day, I bought Dustin tickets to "the boss" Concert.

Dustin loves "the boss". I accidentally called "the boss" "the king" once, an easy mistake, but "the boss" isn't elvis. It's Bruce Springsteen. Don't get the two confused, Bruce fans are wild and WILL be offended.

Dustin loves Bruce so much...he used his framed Bruce Springsteen picture to color coordinate with the boss. They went matching!!!

I told ya, Boss fans are WILD! Between the knee slides (from bruce), the sax solos, and watching Bruce's guitar swing around his neck and body, we decided the money was well spent!

Look at what Dustin did for me on Vday: dinner, flowers, reaaaally romantic music (John Mayer), the real deal!

Hermana left us. She scrammed out of AZ and into the mountains that hold BYU Idaho. We will miss you hermana! Show Brigham what you're made of!


  1. Martha would aprove of your domestic skills--and in fact, so do I. The apron is darling.

    Did Dusty stare into those binocs the whole show?

    I made it to Idaho. Mom helped me fix up my room, and I'm already feelin' like this is my home away from home. Thanks for missing me already.

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  3. you are so amazingly domestic! I am so jealous! Braeden leaves in t-minus 8 weeks. So let's sign up for many classes together. I wanna do yoga, sewing, photography, interior design, I want to be you!

    Umm Zac Efron and Buzzing tonight? Does it get any better?

    And you and Dusty are so amazing. You are so romantic to each other! I can't wait till you have the cutest babies

  4. so domestic. im inspired to go make me something too. I made my brothers pj pants recently. (the easiest thing to possibly make.) I think Its time to move onto the apron!

  5. I LOVE the apron! Way cute... I wish I could make something like that!
    Your dress from the concert is super cute too. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  6. I think my mom was at that concert, no offense to Dustin, but she is the boss's biigggesstt fan!

  7. the apron turned out sew cute! and you and dustin are far too cute for words.

  8. you and dustin are so cute! Like ummm a couple out of a magazine.picture perfect.