A day with a Davis

So I watch my sister's trio about once a week, for about four hours. I am slowly easing my way into having kids. No. I'm not married, nor am I planning on getting my eggers preggers anytime soon. I just feel like it might take some easing!

I go to sewing class right after I am done playing with them, only to find out I have an assortment of food groups sticking to me in places I can't see. Don't worry, I've informed my classroom of the situation. "Oh, I'm not dirty, the children are...!!!"

I have taken so many pictures of these babes, that my photo class thinks they are mine. Three children under the age of 5. Mine? I have tried to correct them numerous times. To no avail I am afraid. This picture of Jake is my son in the world of my 4:25 ART 142 class.

I think I'm practically a member of the PTSO at Jake-o's school. I am not sure exactly what PTSO stands for, but I KNOW the first word is parent. (Ok, fine, I just volunteer there every once in a while, and its really fun!)

I have picked up so many signs (as in sign LANGUAGE) from Caroline that somehow she knows how to do. I figure it is either her mom, or a baby Einstein movie. Either way, I don't know sign language. So it doesn't get us far. But when Jake or Nathaniel are around, they tell me what she is trying to say. Humbling. Really. Because sometimes I am pretty sure they make it up...

"Jake, what does it mean when Caroline does this?!"-Aunt Jenna
"Oooh, that means cowboy boots!!!"-Jake
"Hmmm...why is she doing the sign for cowboy boots?"- Aunt Jennas thoughts

I have tried for a few weeks now to force Caroline into saying my name, and I even recruited Jacob in my endeavor. "Carol! (she loves when I call her Carol. Trust me.) say Jeeeeenuhh..." I'm afraid I gave up too quickly, and enjoy responding to "mamamaa" or "dadadada" a little too much. So what?! It makes me feel important.

Gosh Julie, they are amaaaaazing. I love these kids!


  1. I don't even know them and I LOVE them!

  2. will you just blog for me? you take better pictures and you are much funnier than I. give lessons?

  3. haha you're the cutest. I love the cowboy boots story