To two VERY important women in my life...

Happy Mother's Day Mother! I love you so so so so much. You are an amazing woman! Look at what you did!


Happy Birthday to my bffaeae Stacie.

Dear Stacie,

Remember the time that you convinced us to get in the car with some guy that looked like Frankie Munez while in Hawaii? Then Frankie took us to his pent house and we saw a clone of Dean? Things got kinda weird so we bounced?

Remember how on the same trip you had a dance off on a street corner with a Russian man who was trying to earn money to go visit his mom? Plane tickets from Hawaii to Russia are pretty expensive. And the crowd started cheering for you instead? Remember that back flip you did after all of the observers circled around you?

Remember the time you asked me "what one ingredient do you need to make food storage instant mashed potato pellets turn into mashed potoates?" While it was raining? Then we took those mashed potatoes out into the rain and...

Remember how we went to a concert together and I got the huge man next to you to pick you up and suddenly you were crowd surfing? Sorry about that...

Remember that time Bishop Slater was paddling us on his canoe and he made us jump ship? All while in the Colorado river? Remember how the rescue team had to come save us because we couldn't swim upstream?

Remember how you were the most beautiful bride ever and how everyone wants to have your wedding (not an exaggeration)..

Oh baby girl, you KNOW the list goes on. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I hope you had the greatest bday ever.



  1. Hahahahaha I love you! I just laughed so hard thinking about those mashed potatoes and how aubree and Jason spit on my Honda afterwards or something! Hahahah

  2. Oh and a huge ps! It was not me who lead the group to the sketchy pent house! It was totally nadia! It's not the tube top that was making me uncomfortable, it was the scary guys, if you had a better memory you'd remember I was crying to go home by the end of the night!

  3. it's true. I want her wedding.

  4. I have to admit when I saw that title I expected to see my picture but it's okay haha.

    I love all of those memories Stacie is the funniest freaking girl ever! I love you two!!

  5. yup, Stacie is right. I thought it would be a "really good idea" to wear tube tops and sneak out of the penthouse to go to another penthouse with Frankie Munez.

  6. Nadia! You are very important to me too! But, I'm afraid you aren't a mother nor is it your bday.

    Stacie is right, you were the one just sittin' on 22s with them, trying to convince us that "it was a GOOD idea" to jump in the car and drive away to PH 13 with them. But let's blame this all on Dayla, she was the one that asked for Franks number in the first place. I mean, who does that anyway?!

  7. I memeber the night you guys SNUCK out and went to the other penthouse.. i just member you guys coming home freaked out and had stories to tell..

  8. Exciting! Sneaking out to different penthouses I like it, and your friends:) You are a sweet friend to write so full heartedly about your friend. Ok that was gushy but true:) My drapes are hanging but need some help and about my couch... Terry is coming this Friday so maybe I'll finish it this week!!! I do miss you I wish you would come see us when we come to Utah. The invite to DC is always there as well:)

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